Semi-Finalists in the AUTHORSdb 2017 Book Cover Contest

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I am honored to share that my book cover is a semi-finalist in the AUTHORSdb 2017 book cover contest. My thanks must go to my cover designer, Wendy Anne Darling of Bookxeedo Book Covers. She is a graphic artist and helped to bring the swamp fairy to life. Wendy drew the fairy free-hand just as I had seen her appear to me in the swamp that November of 2014.

In fact, Wendy also designed the cover for Marjorie Mallon’s book, The Curse of Time: Book One, Bloodstone!

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If you like our book covers, please vote. We hope to become finalists in the 2017 Book Cover Contest. Your support is much appreciated. ~Marjorie & Colleen~

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