Scottish Witch Trials: When Witches Communed with Fairies

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  1. My great grandmother is from Scotland. And I’ve met Brigid, Danu, and been to a Sidhe in a dream. I asked before I fell asleep to see the Fae, who are my ancestors. Brigid invited me to become a powerful witch after seven years of training in the Sidhe. I declined for love. I was a Bride. The weird thing is I didn’t know anything about them until I researched to find out what I experienced in my dream. It was remarkable!

    • Wow! I feel drawn to spiritual community also but have never had such dreams. I saw a swamp fairy which ignited my research and writing ability. I always hear that one you have such an experience you believe. I consider myself a Pagan Buddhist. I try to be as open minded as possible not bogged down by any particular dogma, instead embracing all. I believe that is the path to learn more. Your dreams are unusual and would make a fabulous book or novel! <3

    • Thank you, Granny Moon for sharing this fabulous article. I am always shocked at how “man” has distorted the truth from history. Just think what a better world we could have had by following the pagan ways. <3

  2. It’s unsettling how history can connote changes, to such a degree, at times, that what once existed becomes unrecognizable. Makes me wonder what people will have come to believe about the present a hundred years (or more) from now. Will our Commander ‘n Thief be thought a hero? The commercialization of the witch image has helped contort paganism into something heinous. But the energy is coming full circle, and truth will demand its day …

    Sending you lots of healing energy during this sad time for you, Sister ❤❤❤


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