What My Two Pomeranians Taught Me About Life


On Friday, November 24, the last of our beloved Pomeranian Sisters, Sugar, left this world to join her sister, Spice, in the cosmos of our souls. It was the hardest decision we ever had to make, but it was done knowing that she was in pain. Diabetes had claimed another victim. All I can say is that I am grateful for the lives of this two amazing dogs, who loved us for who we simply were, always loving and loyal to the end.

Sugar & Spice

Sugar and Spice were direct opposites. Sugar was shy, quiet, and laid-back, preferring our company to most folks. Spice, on the other hand, awakened each morning with an exuberance for life that if we could have bottled that feeling, it would have become the elixir of life. Yet together, these two sisters played off one another’s personalities making them a joy to be around.

Sugar taught me patience and to slow down and enjoy my downtime. She also taught me to never give up. When she was diagnosed with diabetes two years ago, we knew it was a death sentence. Yet, we loved her and had promised to take care of her. Our lives changed drastically. We had to set up a rigid schedule that couldn’t be changed. Twice a day she had to have insulin shots taken the same time every day. Special food had to be purchased, and we had to control her weight. Yet, through all of this, she traveled with us from Florida to her new home in Colorado, always the trooper, just happy to be with us. She never gave up.


Spice was the gregarious sister and ruled the roost. She was the guard dog, the entertainer, and the one who wanted to cuddle and shower you with kisses. Spice taught me that family and loyalty were some of the most essential things in life. She took care of all of us, reminding us when it was time to get up and time to go to bed. Always perceptive, she knew if something was wrong with her humans. She taught me to live every moment of this life with enthusiasm because life is simply too short.

When Spice passed in July, we were devasted. Sugar felt the loss of her sister most of all. She lost her compass and will to live. She didn’t know how to act anymore. Her sight was going, and she only heard certain sounds. We never realized she had gotten that bad because Spice had always told her what to do with a gentle nudge here and there.

I believe Spice passed first because she wanted to be there to help her sister find her way. Spice was like that. Always thinking about everyone else.

Spice & Sugar when they were young

The lessons these sweet souls shared with us were about love and compassion. They showed us that even when we grow older, we must love and care for one another, no matter how dire the circumstances. The thirteen years we spent together will always be some of our happiest years.

I love and miss you girls.

Sugar & Spice

2004 – 2017

119 thoughts on “What My Two Pomeranians Taught Me About Life

  1. Oh–I’m so saddened and sorry for your loss, Colleen. It is awful to lose a pet, and to have to make that decision.
    My sister and one of my daughters dealt with a dog and cat with diabetes, so I know about the problems with timing meals and medicine. I’m glad they had happy lives with you.

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  2. So sorry, dear Colleen! It goes deep to see how close the two sisters were. Coming together and almost leaving together. But it is wonderful how much joy they brought to your home and to your hearts. it is harder to say goodbye but no one can take away what you had together. Sending you warm hugs, dear Colleen 💖

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  3. Colleen, I’m so sorry that now Sugar has passed. The way you wrote about Sugar & Spice shows how strong the dog/human bond was and always will be. Beautifully written. My two dogs are opposites too, and we learn the same lessons you write about from them. Dogs are incredible teachers! 🌷Christine

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  4. So sad. Colleen. Brought tears to my eyes because of our own recent losses. But what a loving tribute – I can just see them both. Please accept my deepest sympathy, and may you find another dog to take a spot in a different place in your heart and bring you much love.

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  5. What great memories you have with Sugar and Spice. They had a good time and good lives with you. They also enriched your life. Dogs bring out the best in the human being. I know how they brought out the best in my dad. Sorry that Sugar and Spice are gone, yet you made the best decision to cease Sugar’s pain. Take care of yourself, Colleen!

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  6. Oh, I’m so sorry for your loss, Colleen. How wonderful that you can share the differences between these 2 sweet pups, and the lessons they each taught you. I understand how they take a piece of your heart when they leave you. Wishing you both peace, and joy in the memories.

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  7. I’m so sorry for your loss, Colleen. It is never easy to say goodbye but you were a loving responsible person and had to put the welfare of your fur children above your own. Hopefully, the memories of your pups will bring smiles to replace the sadness over time.

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  8. Colleen, this is a beautiful, heartfelt tribute to your extraordinary furry companions. Your souls have grown, together and apart, teaching and helping each other to a higher level of consciousness. In time, the grief will ease and leave behind a golden nugget of awareness. My heart is with you, sister. Sending love and hugs ❤❤❤

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  9. Oh, Colleen, I’m so sorry to read this. My heart goes out to you and your family. Our fur babies are family and dogs’ lives are short and precious. I remember you said they were your muse, and they will always be so for you as you randomly remember something they did, which will bring a smile to your face. May their sweet dog spirits rest in eternal peace.

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    1. Terri, thank you so much for your kind words. You always cheer me up. I am so touched. I plan on putting the two girls in book 2. They will live on as golden retrievers which I know Spice would have loved. I’m trying to capture their personalities and weave them into the story. This is the first time Ron and I have never had a pet. It feels so strange. Hugs and love. Thank you again. ❤


  10. Aw Sis, even though I know about the journeys of these little sweet things I still had tears reading. What a beautiful send off. Now they are together in doggie heaven and once the pain of losing them subsides you can keep them in a special corner of your heart and smile. ❤ Hugs xoxoxo

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    1. That was my consolation, Sis. They are together as they were meant to be. I’m so happy that we kept both of them. When I saw those puppies all those years ago I knew they were meant to be together. So did Ron. We never hesitated taking them both. Thanks again. I’m still raw but trying to get back into my schedule. ❤

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  11. We know when we take them into our homes and hearts that our time with them is going to be short. Their love is so unconditional that even those with disabilities and mental impairments find a way to communicate. They have a secret language that we understand sometimes from their physical cues, but mostly it is their intuitive understanding of our moods that is so magical. A fitting tribute to two sisters whose memories will stay with you forever. ♥♥

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    1. Thank you, Sally. You’ve hit the nail on the head. In my book series, my protagonist, Abby, can understand the words of all the animals, insects, birds, and fairy nymphs. This is how it was for me with Sugar and Spice. We were all so attuned to each other – my husband also. I’d never had such a connection to my animals before. I miss their love and acceptance the most. Thanks for your heartfelt words. They mean so much to me. ❤

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  12. Colleen, these sweet little beings came into your life for a reason, whatever it was, they accomplished it. I am so sorry for your loss and know that in time you will be able to laugh about their antics without crying. Sending you lots of love and hugs.

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  13. Bless your heart. The lessons these angels taught are some we all should live by. What adorable and precious souls they are. I’m so sorry for the loss of both your girls. I know how heartbreaking this is. My thoughts are with you. ~Healing hugs~

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      1. You’re right in what you say about time, Colleen. It can seem as if things are not getting any better. Then, one day, it becomes a little easier and it starts to build (almost without us realising). My Grandmother always told me to look forward and to never look back. The trouble is (I told her) is that I like to look back and remember great memories. She went on to teach me to relive good memories by looking forward. Then, she left this world. Her words have always helped me and, even to this day, I’m sure she’s still looking after me. 💕

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  14. Sad but well said in recognition of the love and care you gave and received. It’s been a long time since we lost two dogs, both to cancer more than a decade ago. We only adopted a new one three years ago, feeling it’s time. They all have their own personalities, just like people.

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  15. Dear Colleen, what wise and heart felt words. Our dogs have so much to teach us about the joy of life, loyalty and bonds of friendship, born of an mutual intuitive love and understanding. I believe that people who love their animals have access to a means of communicating way beyond words. Though this post must have been difficult to write I hope the number of empathetic responses helped at the time and continues too.
    I love browsing through your site and am so excited about having access to so many people penning a line or two of prose and poetry, many of whom I now follow. When I retire (in a couple of years) I shall probably create my own site. In the meantime I shall live in the shadow of Ben, the dog poet. Thank you so much for taking him to your heart and treating his poetry (he tries his best) seriously.
    We have an older dog who is nearly 15 (the old girl in Ben’s blog). Coincidentally she, Maisie, has been at my husbands side, as his greatest support, through bladder cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. She is very frail now but, plucky little thing, she is still determined to enjoy life and carry on stoically for as long as she can; yet another lesson to take to heart. Love Bernadette, Ben’s two-legged student.

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    1. Bernadette, that you so much for your lovely message. I still miss those girls. There was something special about them. The coincidence of bladder cancer caught my attention. The fact that we both had our dogs to bring love and the courage to fight the disease touched my heart. Life brings us together for a reason, of that I am sure. I have blessed by the words of my many friends. They did help to get us through those first months. Thanks for your kindness. Hug those sweet souls and tell Ben to keep writing poetry. Huge hugs! ❤


      1. I missed you reply when it came in Collleen so sorry for not acknowledging. We are so enjoying you Tanka Tuesday it’s a lovely thing to do but it must eat up your time keeping on top of it. Thank you for doing it. I am learning so much from the other entries, as well as the wonderful guidance. I will give the two dogs a special big hug from you tonight. ❤

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