What My Two Pomeranians Taught Me About Life


On Friday, November 24, the last of our beloved Pomeranian Sisters, Sugar, left this world to join her sister, Spice, in the cosmos of our souls. It was the hardest decision we ever had to make, but it was done knowing that she was in pain. Diabetes had claimed another victim. All I can say is that I am grateful for the lives of this two amazing dogs, who loved us for who we simply were, always loving and loyal to the end.

Sugar & Spice

Sugar and Spice were direct opposites. Sugar was shy, quiet, and laid-back, preferring our company to most folks. Spice, on the other hand, awakened each morning with an exuberance for life that if we could have bottled that feeling, it would have become the elixir of life. Yet together, these two sisters played off one another’s personalities making them a joy to be around.

Sugar taught me patience and to slow down and enjoy my downtime. She also taught me to never give up. When she was diagnosed with diabetes two years ago, we knew it was a death sentence. Yet, we loved her and had promised to take care of her. Our lives changed drastically. We had to set up a rigid schedule that couldn’t be changed. Twice a day she had to have insulin shots taken the same time every day. Special food had to be purchased, and we had to control her weight. Yet, through all of this, she traveled with us from Florida to her new home in Colorado, always the trooper, just happy to be with us. She never gave up.


Spice was the gregarious sister and ruled the roost. She was the guard dog, the entertainer, and the one who wanted to cuddle and shower you with kisses. Spice taught me that family and loyalty were some of the most essential things in life. She took care of all of us, reminding us when it was time to get up and time to go to bed. Always perceptive, she knew if something was wrong with her humans. She taught me to live every moment of this life with enthusiasm because life is simply too short.

When Spice passed in July, we were devasted. Sugar felt the loss of her sister most of all. She lost her compass and will to live. She didn’t know how to act anymore. Her sight was going, and she only heard certain sounds. We never realized she had gotten that bad because Spice had always told her what to do with a gentle nudge here and there.

I believe Spice passed first because she wanted to be there to help her sister find her way. Spice was like that. Always thinking about everyone else.

Spice & Sugar when they were young

The lessons these sweet souls shared with us were about love and compassion. They showed us that even when we grow older, we must love and care for one another, no matter how dire the circumstances. The thirteen years we spent together will always be some of our happiest years.

I love and miss you girls.

Sugar & Spice

2004 – 2017


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