“The Pond,” A Haibun

Welcome to my contribution to my weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge, where we use synonyms for the prompt words. This week I chose connection for bond, and beseech for seek.

You will notice that I also used the prompt words at the end of my Haibun. I did this because I believe it solidifies the meaning of my poem’s theme built around the words bond and seek.

2017-11-26 12.22.49

My journey brings me to a nearby prairie slough where prescient reflections shimmer under the winter sun.  Today, I am in pursuit of fairy enlightenment. You know, the kind where magic resonates in the shriek of a hawk and in the howling yips from the coyote pups that play on the sandy shore under a full moon. The alchemy of the moment is not lost on my hungering soul.

A numinous pact –
as turquoise heavens beseech
Mother Gaia’s goal.
Spirit, water, fire, earth, air,
her connection reigns supreme.

As I gaze into the pond I see the reflections of the woman I’ve become. Past and future meld as one. For today, the wisdom I seek is my bond with the one.

© 2018 Colleen M. Chesebro

fairy witch rainbow magicSpread some fairy magic all around the world today! We need it! Namaste and Blessed be! ❤










          1. LOL! I woke up to dazzling blue skies… the clouds have filtered across the mountains and a white pallor has settled. Hmmmm… it’s snowing north of us. Could be?


  1. So beautiful, Colleen. You picked the wonderful sounds that speak to me as well – the call of the hawk and the yips of the coyotes. How wonderful to be immersed in nature. Nature is truly our mirror, reflecting us back to ourselves. 🙂

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    1. Diana, indeed I think you have nailed it! I love nature and gain such energy from that around me. I got my book of Runes and the stones yesterday. I’m writing a post about what happened. I’m convinced you were meant to lead me to the stones… ❤

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