Title: Annie’s Story, Blessed with a Gift

Amazon Author Page: Deborah A. Bowman

Publication Date: January 2, 2017

Formats: Paperback & Kindle

Genres: Literature & Fiction, Genre Fiction, Historical Fiction, Scottish, Metaphysical, Metaphysical & Visionary



“Annie’s Story, Blessed With A Gift” is based on life in Colonial Massachusetts from 1630 to 1648. Annie’s message is timeless and her shining spirit reveals that “History Does Repeat Itself” with the treatment, abuse, labeling, and bullying of women, children, and individuals with special needs. In Annie’s lifetime, babies born with birth defects and their mothers were banished or put to death—their names cleansed from all church and legal records. Yet, have perceptions changed all that much? Have they changed enough? The answer is a resounding, “No!”

Annie came to me in an age regression that somehow slipped into a past-life regression by an Instructor of The National Guild of Hypnotists. Instead of returning to my childhood—WHAM! like hitting a brick wall—I was in someone else’s body, crushed in a pitch black hole, surrounded by wood and earth. This is how I met Annie; or rather I should say, I became Annie.

The Colonists laughed at Annie’s dwarfed appearance and sluggish way of talking. My conscious mind of the 21st century, however, realized that Annie was mentally slow, stunted in growth, and lacking in social and emotional development. I also knew she was innocent and childlike as well as an incredible telepathic savant, blessed with a gift from the Spiritual Universe.

Hence, began a quest that has spanned years. I made amazing discoveries about a time in American history that many generations have tried to eradicate or conceal as was done with the Witch Hysteria of 1692-93, nearly half-a-century “after” Annie lived. This story of love and faith, coupled with the inequality of different people—now called “special” people—begs to be told. “Annie’s Story” is about an unusual child growing up in Colonial America, who is “Blessed With A Gift.” 


Annie’s Story: Blessed with a Gift is historical fiction based on fact written after the author’s experience with a past-life regression. If that statement doesn’t intrigue you (my jaw literally dropped) then wait until you read the Foreword in the book. I read it twice and then read it once more because I was enthralled with the possibilities of what I would find between these pages.

From the first page, Annie’s story will touch your heart. When I read the circumstances behind the wee baby’s birth, I knew this was going to be an extraordinary saga, one that I wouldn’t soon forget.

It’s the year 1630, in what is known as Lynn, Massachusetts, a settlement near the Puritans in Salem. Born premature, Annie struggles to survive after her parents have succumbed to a deadly virus. When her parent’s bodies are discovered, they find the baby lying near them wrapped in the MacLean plaid. The clan leader escapes with the baby and delivers her into her Granny’s arms.

Granny, Mistress Blackbain, had combined the Catholicism of the MacKinnon clan with her own pagan rituals to create a spiritualism that held the power of the goddess and the spirit of God all rolled up into one. Her herbal remedies had been handed down from generation to generation of women in her family. Granny possessed the gift of healing and nothing would stop her from saving the last survivor of her family.

Annie, Granny’s wee fairy-sprite survives by the miraculous intervention of Hannah, the priest’s house woman who shares the mysterious and intimate details of her true identity with Granny as she suckles the premature Annie, along with her own baby, Jane.

Hannah’s story is shocking but Granny recognizes the truth in her explanation. Granny, Annie, Father Ian, Hannah, and Jane form a tightknit family unit sworn to keep the truth from all who might inquire about Jane’s parentage. The girls are raised as sisters and flourish under Granny’s care.

There are many magical moments shared between the children, Iris the goat, and Granny as Annie and Jane continue to grow. The author writes some of the most endearing magic in these passages. All I could think about was the love that blossomed within this family. It filled me with joy.

Annie is a gift from the goddess herself, endowed with the ability to heal much like her own granny. She possesses the rare metaphysical ability to communicate with other beings and realms that mere mortals don’t even acknowledge. There also exists a kindness in the child that you inherently know is filled with compassion and goodness for all. Yet, Annie lacks the ability to read and comprehend words. She misses the mark on cues and social situations. My heart ached for the tiny girl.

When illness strikes the Algonquin tribe, Granny nurses the daughter of the tribe back to health. This baby will grow to become a powerful shaman for the tribe. The lives of these characters are now destined to intertwine for eternity.

There are many lessons and themes in this novel. Much of American history is steeped in the horrors of religious persecution and the oppression of those who do not share the same beliefs. Annie’s story is no different. She is persecuted for being different. Her kindness and compassion and many gifts were all she had to give. None of that seemed to matter; she was still scorned and misunderstood.

I won’t lie. The more I read, the more emotionally vested I became in the story. The reality of the novel is that the author knows in another life she was Annie. As a Pagan Buddhist, those realities are not lost on me.

If you are looking for a story that you won’t be able to forget, read Annie’s story and experience the mystical realism of a life lived and shielded by the divine. There are plans for a sequel to this story. I can’t wait! ❤


Character Believability: 5
Flow and Pace: 5
Reader Engagement: 5
Reader Enrichment: 5
Reader Enjoyment: 5
Overall Rate: 5 out of 5 Fairies


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The author, Deborah A. Bowman, with her vision of Annie

About the Author:

Deborah Bowman has been sharing her stories and poems her whole life–her first poem published in a 4-H magazine at just 12 years old. She loves just about all genres of fiction and collects classical literature. Deborah’s recent selections are close to her heart. She has a passion and a crusade for the headline-driven factual and historical material which she weaves into novels and novellas.

New Release: Annie’s Story, Blessed With A Gift B01N9NRYMU
Historical Fiction based on fact via a past-life hypnotic regression. Annie was born dwarfed with a slow mind in 1630 Colonial America in a secreted Scottish village of the Massachusetts Bay Colony near Puritanical Salem. She is also whimsical, loving, and blessed with the gift of healing from the Spiritual Universe. In a time of suspicion and fear of demonology and witchcraft, many children with birth defects and their mothers were banished or put to death. This is a coming of age story which reveals parallels to our modern society in the abuse, ridicule, bullying, and labeling of individuals with special needs. History does repeat itself!

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Deborah has a 20+-year history as well as formal education in writing, editing, proofreading, and publishing. She believes strongly in helping first-time and seasoned writers alike create quality books and eBooks at clasidconsultantspublishing.com. She does free reviews and critiques. “Books are timeless; readers are forever.”

Deborah has various upcoming projects but is always happy to hear from you and connect on social media.


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