Step Through Numerology with Annette Rochelle Aben

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The Sisters of the Fey

The minute I meet someone, I want to know their birth date. Naturally, this makes some people wonder if am into astrology. Others, simply think I’m weird and ignore the question. Still, others, give me their information regardless. Admittedly, I am interested in astrology but that is not why I ask. Those numbers give me an immediate thumb nail sketch of that person’s life and personality because I take the numbers and translate them using NUMEROLOGY.

NUMEROLOGY dates back thousands of years with many naming Ancient Greek Mathematician, Pythagoras as the “Father of Numerology.” It seems that Pythagoras believed that personality traits of people could be ascertained by knowing the numbers of their lives.

Those numbers are sourced from the number value of the letters in a person’s name at birth.  For example, the letter A is the first letter of the alphabet, so its number is a ONE

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  1. I read the post and enjoyed it, but not sure if I want to know any more about myself. Its bad enough just having occasional deja vu experiences and being able to tell exactly what is going to happen at any given moment during the experience. Kinda crazy but then consider the source! I do know one thing though, numbers give me a flaming headache, so maybe they would tell me something at the same time. Since I just coughed up another lung I’ll make the decision later (bet you didn’t know lungs seem to grow back, did you?)

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