Happy Ostara

Happy Ostara! The spring equinox bursts forth on the rays of the spring sun at 10:15 AM, Mountain Time.

Welcome Spring!

The month of March is a time of metamorphosis. Winter’s bleak hold loosens with visions of blue skies and promises of warmth. Harsh winds and catastrophic snowstorms battle to keep winter’s grip on the season. Triumphantly, the sun’s rays break through the bleak skies revealing new life bursting forth from Mother Gaia’s earth womb.


Image Credit: Pinterest

What is Ostara?

The pagan name for the Spring Equinox is Ostara, taken from the goddess Ostara or Eostre or Eastre, who is the Germanic Goddess of spring and dawn. The name has changed over the years into what is now known as Easter.

The name, Easter, finds its roots in the ancient pagan practices of the Spring Equinox. The old ways encouraged the planting of eggs in the ground for fertility purposes. Two prolific creatures: rabbits and chicks became associated with these fertility aspects of spring.

Ostara celebrates new life and new beginnings. The Spring Equinox celebrates a return to balance as the light and darkness once again live in harmony as they did during the Fall Equinox.

Ostara is the perfect time of the year to create significant change in your life. Ignite your imagination and embrace new beginnings. Live in the present and enjoy each moment as if it were your last. Give thanks and be grateful for your place in this amazing existence embracing Mother Gaia. Blessed Be!

spring equinox

Image Credit: Yogisurprise.com

IMG_AD91FE77317E-1Happy Ostara!




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