Celtic Tree Of Life – Portal To Invisible Worlds And Source Of Sacred Knowledge | Ancient Pages

Some of the stories we consider to be myths are actually steeped in ancient beliefs. The tree of life appears in most major religions and its symbolism is recognized around the world. “The Celtic Tree of Life served as a portal to invisible worlds and became a source of sacred knowledge, guarded by the most enlightened ones.” Read more by clicking the link below.

Ellen Lloyd – AncientPages.com shares: To ancient Celt’s nature and animals were sacred and must be treated with respect. The spiritual world was invisible. There were gateways leading from the material into the spiritual world. The physical world was believed to be much more complex than we can even imagine. The Celtic Tree of Life […]

Source: Celtic Tree Of Life – Portal To Invisible Worlds And Source Of Sacred Knowledge | Ancient Pages


  1. Such a interesting post…. The celtic Tree of Life somehow made me think of Psychopomps in Mythology, as they were the guiders of souls into the Underworld domains. In both cases, the idea of “connection” between different domains is present The celtic tree symbol is clearly “trascendent”, a symbol of Wholeness, I´d say. The circle surrounding the tree. And the tree itself: its roots grounded on earth, its leaves heading towards the sky.
    Great share, dear Colleen. Love & best wishes! 🙂 ❤

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  2. There is so much that the Ancients knew, which we have yet to rediscover. By Ancients, I am referring to Atlanteans, Lemurians and other truly ancient civilizations, whose knowledge was buried in the aftermath of excess,

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