Siberian Unicorn Fossil Discovered In Kazakhstan |

I’ve always been fascinated by the possibilities that unicorns could be real. Proof Exists! Read the exciting news below! ❤

Shared from – Unicorns are legendary creatures often mentioned in various ancient myths, but did these animals really exist? A new study reveals unicorns were in fact real, but they looked slightly different from what we imagine today. A Siberian unicorn fossil, Elasmotherium sibiricum has been discovered in Kazakhstan. Before now, researchers thought the creature went […]

Source: Siberian Unicorn Fossil Discovered In Kazakhstan |


    1. LOL! Just think how this animal prompted the myths of the white horse with a horn. Pegasus could easily have influenced the idea of how the unicorn looks now… I have a unicorn in the new story I’m working on which was influenced by a Carrot Ranch prompt. Amazing how that works. LOL! 😀

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  1. Well shiver my timbers! I never thought such a beat existed. It looks pretty ferocious – can’t imagine there any early humans riding it! It doesn’t look like it was in the equus lineage though.

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  2. All the mythical ( perhaps real ) creatures humans have created stories about – imagine if our ancestors had been told about dinosaurs – I dont think they would have believed such creatures could exist.

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