The Pink Full Moon


Image Credit: Farmer’s

The full Pink Moon peaks this weekend on Sunday, April 29, at 8:58 p.m. EDT. The Pink Moon gets its name from the pink blossoms that grow in profusion during early spring called ground phlox. Click here to learn more from the Farmer’s Almanac.

f175ae4ccfc32b935e6d0d8160939088--creeping-phlox-garden-wallsCreeping ground phlox, Image Credit:

In ancient times, names were created for the moons as a way to keep track of time. Each moon name holds it’s own magical qualities. Each moon contains its own energy. Be aware how that energy affects you.

There is something raw and powerful about the moon when it becomes full. It represents the universe and the infinite possibilities we have before us.

During a full moon, work on your spiritual development aiming for growth in new areas. For the April Full Pink Moon you could say the prayer below:

pink moon prayer

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Connect to mother Gaia in your heart. Call to your spiritual guides to help you feel the peace this full moon brings to you. Let your anger and frustrations go. Embrace new growth and be thankful for the abundance you possess.


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I’ve recently learned to recharge my crystals under the glow of the full moon. I use them daily in my self-healing meditation practice. I want their healing energies intact – no negativity allowed.

First, I wash them in cool water clearing my mind of all negative thoughts.

With right intention, I dry them and place them back in their crystal bowl. At sunset, I place the crystals in the window of my creative room where the moon’s soft pearly glow can recharge their energies.

In the morning, I place them in the morning sun for a few hours. Some crystals can fade in sunlight so you must take care to preserve them from harsh light.

Whenever you charge your crystals, follow your intuition. Do what feels right to you. I usually close my ritual by saying thanks for the energies of goodness and light that flow around me – more gifts from mother Gaia.

Happy Full Pink Moon. ❤

dream big  Namaste & Blessed BE! ❤











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