Unicorns & Ascension

I never question where my writing inspiration comes from. I just go with it. When you believe in the possibilities – you never know what you will see. Stay tuned to hear more about The Sisters of the Fey – The Beginning… (This is a repost. The reblog is not working so I re-added the post manually). <3

Lately, I’ve been thinking about unicorns. It all started a few months ago when I wrote a flash fiction piece about finding the remains of a real unicorn. You can read that here: The Dig. The…

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  2. Love this photo with the rainbow, clouds, birds flying and everything being reflected on the water. I have also enjoyed the archeologist story finding the remains of the extinct unicorn as well as your research on the unicorn’s meaning as a healing path for human beings, a spiritual process of ascension and enlightenment. Great posts, all three.

    1. Thank you for reading all three! I’m honored. I’m always awed by the power of inspiration and how it can lead us to finding bits of ourself we didn’t know we needed to find. It’s those connections that really thrill me. Appreciate your comments. <3

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