My Experience with Concern America


My husband and I had an amazing time in California visiting his brother and our sister-in-law. It always feels good to reconnect with family you haven’t seen in awhile.

My sister-in-law, Doreen, is a retired nurse. She has been active in an organization called Concern for over ten years now. She has traveled to Guatemala with the health care corp assisting with health education, sanitation, and opportunities for families.

I was thrilled to tour the Santa Ana, CA headquarters where I met many of Doreen’s friends and colleagues. The organization is tied to the Catholic church but is open to all faiths, and it is not political.

What touched me was the philosophy that Concern America has for others in countries where starvation is a way of life. The doctors, nurses, engineers, etc. are invited by the host country to teach the people basic survival skills. Healthcare, clean water, education, and economic opportunity are the primary vision. Concern America’s mission is to transform need into self-sufficiency.

Crafts are taught as a way to raise the people out of poverty. The sales from the handwoven scarves, shawls, etc. help families by providing an income. I was amazed by the wide array of handwoven baskets, wood crafts, pottery, and jewelry for sale. I brought home plenty of items to remind me of this worthy organization.

Saturday night, I accompanied my sister-in-law to a mass where one of the priests affiliated with Concern America for over forty years spoke about his experiences. After the mass, I helped with donations. ❤

Concern America

Concern America is a globally focused community development organization that builds local capacity in economically impoverished regions so that community members themselves are the agents of change.

Are you looking for an unusual gift? To view the Fair Trade Crafts for sale to the public click HERE.

Hugs n kissesIt feels great to be back home. ❤



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