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Climbing Amazon

This is marvelous news for Brigid Gallagher and her book, “Watching the Daisies.” This is what a strong community does for others – It builds people up! Have a read, and then consider joining the groups who care about others. ❤

Watching the Daisies

20180621_092151.jpgWatching the Daisies has been steadily climbing Amazon, reaching a peak of No. 3 on Amazon Kindle for Health, Fitness and Dieting > Diseases and Physical Ailments > Chronic Fatigue Syndrome on two occasions.

It is now taking a little rest further down the mountain!

Thank You

I have many people to thank for supporting me on this journey:

  • All of my blogging friends – you give me a boost on a daily basis,
  • Everyone who has bought my book,
  • Everyone who has written a review on Amazon, BookBub, Goodreads…
  • My friends on Facebook and Twitter…

Facebook Groups

We Love Memoirs

Friendliest Group on FacebookA special thank you to everyone who called in to say “Hello” on my recent visit to Sunday Spotlight.

It was a terrific experience.

Literary Diva’s

A big thank you also to my friends in The Literary Diva’s Facebook Group. Please know I always appreciate your support.

In June…

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