Magical Dysfunction is Fixed

don't sweat the small stuff

UPDATE: As of Friday, September 7th,I have returned to the Premium Plan which means I’ll be stuck learning the Guttenberg Editor along with the rest of you. The last two weeks have been a rocky road – trying out the Business Plan and then trying to get back to the Premium Plan. I’ve tried to update my posts as much as possible with images so if you see any that are still messed up please let me know.

Thank you for your patience, love, and concern. We made it! WOO HOO! ❤

i appreciate you

I’ve been using all the magic I can muster but my blog is having “issues.” Over a week ago, I switched to the “WordPress Business Plan.” By last Thursday, I sent WordPress a message over the chat feature that I wanted to return to the WordPress Premium Plan. They’ve refunded my money but…

I’m stuck in limbo! WordPress told me they had to get the developer involved. That doesn’t sound good to me!

I know many of you have contacted me about ping-backs not working, and the fact that I have no reblog button. I get some ping-backs and others I don’t. There is no rhyme or reason to it. I’m broken! I’ve even been told that people can’t comment on my blog!!

When the premium plan is finally restored, I should get the reblog button back. In the meantime, all we can do is wait – OR you can share my posts with the press-this feature (if it will work).

For ping-backs in my weekly poetry challenge, please leave your post link in the comments so I can find you. I don’t mean to leave anyone out. If you can’t comment (I’ve also been told this) please email me your link at

Remember I need your links by Sunday at noon (Denver USA time) so that I have time to do the recap post.

Thank you for understanding and I apologize for all the inconvenience this has caused all of us. What a mess!!

deep breaths Hugs to you all!



      1. I hear you. You are far, FAR more active on wordpress than I, but I do know that when I had some issues a while ago, they were very helpful…hopefully it’ll all work out soon!


  1. Good luck, Colleen. There always seem to be WP gremlins. I haven’t been able to use the new editor for months. I paste my post into it, then save, but I can’t save it there again after I make changes, so then I close it and go back to the old editor. 🙂

    I’ve run out of space on my free account, so I’m going to have to move to a premium plan. I’m a little anxious that something will get messed-up. I can’t post any photos though till I change.


    1. OH, boy! That sounds as messed up as my blog. I had been on the premium version for over 3 years. The only reason I went to the business version was to get a plugin for the old editor… then I found out that it would only be a temporary fix… When I upgraded, I lost contact with folks. They tried to move me back Thursday night but it didn’t work. What a mess. This new editor is going to implode all of us.


      1. UGH. I hope there is no problem when they switch to the new editor. Good luck with your tech problems, Colleen. There was only one post of yours that I couldn’t comment on. I think it was the first one where you mentioned the change. Otherwise, I’m seeing all your posts, and it looks like my pingbacks are there. (Some blogs seem to get mine and some don’t, so I always post them in comments, too.)


    2. Same thing happened to my free theme. I used up 93% media space. When there was a discount in June, I grabbed it and switched my plan. I haven’t changed the theme because hearing of all the changes, I was afraid I wouldn’t have time to fix any problem for a couple months. I’d keep my theme which is no longer available, and wait until I have time to fix any problem.


  2. I don’t understand why the developer is involved! I hope they work fast to restore all the buttons and the reblog function. I don’t like that the function is not consistent. I’m glad that I receive your newsletters, the ping-backs works and the comments work for me after I looked for you. Hope that they fix it for you very soon!

    I just left a comment to Wendy about the book cover design of my poetry collection.

    I’ll return home on Friday and do my posts.


    1. Wonderful, Miriam. I have a bunch of people that had to send me emails because they couldn’t comment on my blog. I would say something is terribly wrong if the developer has to fix my blog. 😀 ❤


      1. Oh, no. I know how terrible I felt when I couldn’t comment and leave link to you. I panic and looked all over for you. I didn’t think of sending you email. I was so relieved when my link worked with your blog. I could understand how other blogger are feeling right now. The last challenge looked shorter than usual, so many of them probably couldn’t comment to leave links. I had many problems when I first ungraded. I sent numerable emails giving them the detail of the problem. Then one engineer asked me to send her the screen look. I scrolled to my problem area and did “alt” “prt sc” then did “ctrl” “C” to embed in my email to the engineer, so she could see what it looked like on my screen, that save me word to describe the problem. Hope they know what to do and understand the problem with the change of editor. ❤


        1. I haven’t even talked with them to know the details other than to be told that I must wait for the engineer. It’s very frustrating.


          1. I email to to tell them my problem. I think they need a case number to help you. Once they receive your questions, they assign a case number and answer your questions. I’ve received answers within hours and as late as midnight. The premium and business plans should get immediate service. I first email to, but Jetpack took over, the plugin and button issues are under Jetpack, I think.


          2. Thank you, Miriam. I have a case number and we are still waiting for the engineer. Thank you, sweet lady for trying to help. ❤


          3. In my comment session, it doesn’t show your comments to me or my comments to you since September 2. Yes, they need to fix your comment function. The engineers must work at home and they’re all over. Sometimes two engineers picked up my emails and answer simultaneously.


      1. Oh! I know that, but … I guess I misunderstood. I’m doing too many things at once. Editing, reading, etc. I just saw my true story on Dan Alatorre’s blog, which Adele reblogged. I hope you will look at the response. I’m lost in limbo, my dear magical sis. Doing too much at once, but then so are you. Rest, dear one; rest; Stand Still; Stand Still. This advice from you was the best I received from anyone … hush, don’t rush; Stand Still; Let the magic do what it will… Deb


        1. It’s all right. We’re all pinging off the Wall. Hang in there. I’ll look for Adele’s reblog. Hugs and love, Sis. 💜🦄🔮


  3. Oh dear, I thought I had warned everyone not to pay them anything. It took me three times to discover that very soon after they are paid for a site it somehow becomes the property of a rip-off company that tries to sell it to the highest bidder. The “happiness” engineers gave me no help at all, my site was no longer available even to me, and I lost most of my friends and followers by this bad deal. I wish I could give you some hope, Colleen, but if you ever wondered why my blog has come and gone under so many new names over the years it’s because I tried to take them to business level and they were pirated by whoever is in the site urging everyone to take it to the next level. I never received so much as an apology, and absolutely NO refund of my money at all. Now I wish I had just written an entire blog post letting everyone in on this duplicity. I don’t know what to tell you here unless you can rally enough people to hire an attorney and all of us together bring class action suit against whoever is responsible for this. I managed to trace the last one back a short way, but not enough to do any good. But maybe the engineers will be nicer to you and actually give some help instead of a lot of mumbo jumbo about how you have to fix it yourself.


  4. I’m sorry to hear about what’s happening with your blog and your upgrade to the business plan, Colleen. I’ve had a few problems with my business plan WordPress blog, but nothing like what you have encountered, plus I’ve always been delighted with the help and service I’ve had from the Happiness Engineers. I will keep my fingers crossed that everything gets sorted out very soon for you. At least I’m still getting WordPress notifications that you’ve published a new post, am able to read you posts and leave comments.

    Thank so much for the BookBub recommendation you did for me, too. I’m very thankful to you for doing that.

    I will await further news from you on the blog. In the meantime, I love the autumnal background on your blog.

    Take care


    1. Oh, Hugh… thanks so much for your kindness. It has been a mess. Some comments I get, others I don’t. I have to check spam 20 times a day. Yikes. You’re welcome on the BookBub review. I’m trying to get as many in there as I can. As authors we need all the help we can get in spreading the word about our books. Today is a week since my blog broke. I do have a ticket number but don’t receive any updates or anything. It’s rather frustrating. They’ve turned the problem over to the developer so they’ve washed their hands of me. 😦


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