MY Posts are gone!

mercury retrograde

It’s supposed to be gone… 

I’ve been moved back to the Premium plan but have lost all of my posts from August 30th onward… everything is gone. I’ve messaged WordPress and am waiting to hear back. I’m sure they will not be able to get them back.

My blog theme was on an entirely different theme and I am reconstructing everything from memory. Please bear with me. That means poetry challenge posts are gone, book reviews, interviews… in short its a MESS!

I’ll keep you all posted. ❤

UPDATE: WordPress said they have my lost posts in a backup file and they are working to restore them.

NOTE: This was not WordPress’ fault. There was something wrong with my blog. It appears that it had been “broken” for quite a while. At least they are fixing it now. ❤ Fingers crossed. ❤

true story


119 thoughts on “MY Posts are gone!

  1. Goodness me, that would be enough to make even the most cool, calm and collected of us, a bit wacky. Considering we are fully OUT of the Mercury Retro now, have been for 4 days… things should be able to get straightened out. Have you looked up the Mercury Retros the year you were born? You may have been born when Mercury was Retro, which means when we are in Mercury Direct, YOUR WORLD can really suck… just sayin

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  2. This is a mess. I sit here thinking of all the effort and good vibes you pour into your website, wondering what blessings are waiting for you on the other side of this chaos. Warm hugs!

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  3. I certainly would hope and expect that if you’re on a premium plan, that despite a change in theme, the content should be backed up! So don’t fret too much. It’s not difficult to keep your own backup of at least your posts on your computer or elsewhere. Trickier for comments and replies but those SHOULD still be on the WordPress reader/notification app. Good luck!

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  4. Colleen how awful. I thought I was following you, now this link says I’m not… I back up my blog every few months, in fact your predicament has made me think its about time to back it up again..
    Hope you soon get all restored my friend.
    Love Sue ❤

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  5. Oh no, Colleen! What a nightmare! Do you do a backup every so often to another source like a stick? I need to do another backup after hearing about your problems. I pray that it all gets resolved. Don’t stress out – it will all come back. Take care, my friend. Hugs & love to you xx

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      1. Oh no! Just fix the ones you need to and begin again. Do a post about all 𝑻𝒉𝒊𝒔 and share your woes. We all understand. My prayers are with you that it will be resolved. Many have shared your posts and can send you some that way. Do you need me to send you mine and yours? Let me know what I can do to help. Love 🤗 Janice xx

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  6. Oh no, doesn’t it just make your heart stop? Something like this happened to me four years ago when I was self-hosted…most of my images disappeared! It took 3 weeks to get them back, WordPress staff fixed it, but I couldn’t use my blog during this time. Once restored I went back to hosting on a premium plan. I’m sure things will work out, Colleen!

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  7. Oh, you poor thing! A blogger’s worst nightmare! I hope WordPress can retrieve them! Btw, many of your posts are on Twitter. I just accessed one of them. This may help you recreate. Good luck!


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  8. What a bummer, Colleen. I used to save my posts in a file on my computer but then stopped since I was overtaxing it’s memory. Hope you get them all back. You need to get the poetry into a book tout d’suite.

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    1. Thanks, Noelle. I’ll have another short story/poetry book coming out just before Christmas dedicated to the Winter Solstice, to go with the one I published in June on the Summer Solstice. I love this stuff. It doesn’t do any good to backup your posts because WP has to do it on their side, anyway. Aw, well… it all ended with the only damage being the loss of photos on the posts I did while on the business plan. It took a couple days to fix. Onward and upward! 😀 ❤


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