My Blog is Fully Restored…

I love being part of the WordPress Community. My recent move to the WordPress Business Plan left me without a Reblog button and no Press This button. I didn’t realize how stranded I would feel… let alone my many followers here on WordPress.

I had hoped to utilize the “Old Editor Plugin” when the Guttenberg Editor came to be. Then, I read an article that the plugin was at best, only a temporary fix. It was then that I realized, that there was no sense fighting the new change. The excessive price for the Business Plan did not offer me what I had thought. I asked to be switched back to the Premium Plan.

When WordPress honored my request, my blog broke, generating tons of errors which the WordPress developers had to fix. It took over a week and another few days for me to get my blog up and running. I must admit, WordPress was able to restore my posts. They were kind and courteous at all times.

I wanted to take this time to thank all of you for the kind comments, thoughts, and suggestions during this fiasco. I couldn’t have made it through this without your kind words. Thank you.

i appreciate you

41 thoughts on “My Blog is Fully Restored…

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