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New Blog Feature: “Conversations With Colleen” How to Submit

the more you know

I’ve started a new weekly feature on my blog as another way to support my fellow authors. Conversations with Colleen will give you a way to introduce yourself to readers from around the world. Readers can check out your books and visit your Amazon Author Pages to see if they find anything that tweaks their reading fancy!

This is also a way for my readers to get to know some different authors. You never know what secrets I might be able to coax out of you!

Author interviews give a writer the opportunity to show off their writing skills and help to promote their creative work.

(Many thanks to Sally Cronin for her inspiration and the many ways she supports authors on her blog). <3

How to Submit:

Please pick three to five (or one if you go into great detail) questions from the list below. Your answers must have a minimum of 100 words although you can write more if you wish.

Remember, this is an opportunity where people can learn more about you as an author and a person. These questions help to place the spotlight on your writing and your books. This is all about bringing your books to the readers so they have the opportunity to buy.

Please send the questions you’re selected and your answers to me in a word document or in an email to colleenchesebro3@gmail.com.


  • Feel free to submit photos, but please, no more than three. Please do not embed your photos in the document. If you have numerous books, please supply one image that contains the images from all of your books. Send the images as an attachment to the email.
  • Your answers must be at least 100 words long, minimum. You can write more if you wish. If you choose one topic only, please go into detail. I’m flexible with the questions. Email me and tell me what your plans are.
  • Conversations with Colleen is on a first come, first serve basis. I reserve the right to reject your submission to my blog. I want to highlight one interview per week.
  • Please send me the links to your social media and your Amazon Author Page(s), or a universal link. I will highlight one book, of your choice.
  • I will promote your interview across Facebook and Twitter. Please help to promote the post with a reblog and by sharing across your own social media.
  • Please respond to each comment individually. Comments always encourage people to visit your blog and to follow you. This is a proven method for selling books.
  • Check back on the comments during the following week to check on any late comments. Follow the comments in the post so that you know what people are saying.

You can find the questions listed in the menu item:  Submit to Conversations with Colleen

See you there

About Colleen M. Chesebro

Colleen M. Chesebro is an American Novelist & Poet who loves writing paranormal fantasy and magical realism, cross-genre fiction, syllabic poetry, and creative nonfiction. She loves all things magical which may mean that she could be experiencing her second childhood—or not. That part of her life hasn’t been fully decided yet. A few years ago, a mystical experience led her to renew her passion for writing and storytelling. These days she resides in the fantasy realm of the Faery Writer where she writes the magical poetry and stories that the fairy nymphs whisper to her in her dreams. Colleen won the “Little and Laugh” Flash Fiction Contest sponsored by the Carrot Ranch Literary Community on November 2017, and in 2018, she won first place for the “Twisted Travel” category. Colleen lives in Arizona with her husband. When she is not writing, Colleen enjoys spending time with her husband. She also loves gardening, reading, and crocheting old-fashioned doilies into works of art. Learn more about Colleen on colleenchesebro.com.
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  1. Hey, is this only for book authors? I have written no book but I have my blog.

  2. This is a very generous offer, Colleen. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lovely offer, Colleen. <3 I'd love to have a conversation with you but I don't know how I could possibly reach the minimum of 100 words for my answers. Have you read any interview with me? I'm like… One word here, three there, 25 over there… Yup, that ought to do it. Kidding. (Sort of.) 🙂 Would love to sit and chat with you. Also, will share for other authors.

    That is a LOT of questions, lovely. Hey, at least we get to choose what we like! Thanks.

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  5. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    Another great opportunity to promote your work, this time with Colleen Chesebro in her hew weekly Conversations with Colleen.. head over and find out how to submit your interview.. very straightforward and rewarding… it is first come first served so don’t dilly dally.

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  7. Ok, first of all, if it weren’t for Adele’s reblog I would have missed this. Second of all, what a fabulous idea. I think I was interviewed here last year? Third of all, I’m not receiving your posts by email because I’m missing many so I’m going to hit ‘follow’ again and see if I begin receiving them again. and last of all, I’m reblogging this later in the week <3 Oh, and yes, I will be participating! Lol. I haven't done any author interviews this year, just a crazy year. I think I will plan a new thing too for my blog preparing questions, rather than the way I used to interviews. So I'll hitch on to yours and Sally's wagons. 🙂 <3

  8. Colleen, this is so lovely of you! <3

  9. Reblogged this on The Showers of Blessings and commented:
    What a great chance to be on the spotlight of Colleen’s New Feature! Please read the rest of the post and submit for an interview!

  10. Reblogged this on Campbells World and commented:
    I’d like to encourage everyone to read this post. Especially my clients.

  11. Reblogged this on firefly465 and commented:
    Conversations with Colleen, a great way for readers to get to know you.

  12. I need to do this. What are the odds of getting an October date. I have to do some small push in October, and I want to help you get this off the ground. I know how hard it is to keep a regular feature going.

  13. Thanks for the opportunity, Colleen… I’ll be back!

  14. This sounds like a great feature, Colleen. 180 questions! Are you sure you gave us enough choices? Lol. You are a marvel with everything you have happening on your blog. I’ll jump on board as soon as I get a chance. Thanks for being such a generous supporter of other authors. 🙂

  15. I am new but always love to help promote authors I do not have any books, but I re blogged it on The Eclectic Witch (https://inthecauldronblog.wordpress.com/) to get this out there think this a great opportunity.

  16. Reblogged this on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog and commented:
    Here’s a great opportunity for you – get featured on Colleen’s popular blog 👍😃

  17. Colleen, where is your list of questions? 🤗

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