5 Rituals to Improve Your Vibration When Things Get Difficult|The Traveling Witch.com

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“Even if you consider yourself to be a generally happy person, you’ll always have those days when you need a little boost to keep your vibe up. It’s just part of being human.  

Personally, I wanted to write this article because I recently went through a difficult situation. It was the kind of situation where I felt totally wronged, but other than putting up boundaries and distancing myself the best I could, there was nothing more I could do. The person who had hurt me didn’t apologize, and worse, didn’t even believe she was in the wrong.

To be honest, it wore on me. The resentment stuck with me for weeks after. Every time I thought about the situation, a little bit of my energy leaked out, leaving me feeling weak and powerless.

How do you get out of a place like that? Can you even perform magic when you’re feeling that low? The answer to the latter question is: absolutely…”

By the way, I created this post with the new Gutenberg editor. It took me about the same time as the old editor. ❤

Thanks for stopping by… Until the next time. ❤

25 thoughts on “5 Rituals to Improve Your Vibration When Things Get Difficult|The Traveling Witch.com

    1. No, I did this in the Gutenberg editor to see how difficult it is. I did a cut and paste of an article I wanted to share. It’s not hard, just different. I’m not sure how this is going to make our posts better but we shall see. I was surprised at how easy it was to use. No cause for alarm. ❤

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    1. Sue, Sorry I had to use an image and I hope you don’t mind that I borrowed from your other post. The Gutenberg editor is not difficult. They made it sound like it was. If you try it they give you the option of going back if you want to… for right now. This is coming and we will have to get used to it. Don’t stress. It’s easier than I thought. ❤

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      1. No I am flattered,…. Glad to know, I have had the alert and went into it a couple of days ago to dig around. What I couldn’t find was pre-scheduling a post? I may have not clicked open a right tag window as its more compact and you have to open more ( Doors) I thought.. But if we have no choice we had better embrace.. 🙂

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