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Beth Trissel is one of my favorite paranormal romance authors. She has a new book that will release soon, and I can’t wait to read it! Beth’s post is filled with breathtaking photos of the beautiful land she calls home. Please stop by and say hello! <3

The setting is the beautiful richly historic Shenandoah Valley where she and her husband, and a lively bunch of critters live on a farm that has been in her husband’s family for four generations.

Beth says:

“Many stories lie at the heart of my January 9th release, time travel romance Secret Lady (Book 3 Ladies in Time) from The Wild Rose Press. The characters in this mystery/adventure aren’t related to the first two releases in the series as I began a new thread. While strongly historical, Secret Lady has enough paranormal in it to categorize the story as fantasy…”

Read more here: Fascinating Story Behind Secret Lady (Book 3 Ladies in Time)

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    • I know what you mean. Beth has the gift too. She takes the history of the area and wraps it up in lovely stories. I feel like I’m there standing on her farm the way she describes the flora and fauna. She’s an excellent author. <3


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