The Polar Shift #Nonet, & #Speculative Fiction

Diana Peach, from Myths of the Mirror, is hosting a monthly speculative fiction writing challenge on her blog. She even said we could write poetry!! At the beginning of the month, she gives us an image to base our story or poetry on. That’s it. Super simple and lots of fun!

I even incorporated the words from my Weekly Poetry challenge, using synonyms only. I used “secretive” for mystery, and “beguiling” for attract. There are many ways to incorporate your love of writing poetry into your other writing. Have FUN! (Please do not link your stories or poetry to this post. Go to the links above and follow the instructions). ❤

sea god
and the most beguiling
deity found on earth,
rose from the bright turquoise seas
unaware that climate change had
laid waste the balmy shores he adored
as frigid gales transformed him into stone.


The men found this bit of verse hacked into a boulder beneath the effigy. Who had written these words? And, why?

“Jake, have you ever noticed this writing before?” asked Caleb, brushing away the snow from the area. His breath left a wreath of frost crystals around his lips.

“You’re the climatologist, and I’m the scientist. We’re here to survey the extent of the damage caused by the earth’s shift in polarity. And, no, to answer your question, I’ve never seen this writing before.” The man shifted from one leg to the other, anxious to complete the mission.

Caleb scratched his head. “The funny thing is, I always thought the stories of the gods and goddesses were only myths. I guess not.”

Jake shook his head in disbelief. “You’re kidding, right? You know this is a statue and not the actual frozen body of Poseidon.”

“We’re not sure. This behemoth appeared after the shift. I haven’t been able to take samples of his body. It’s frozen solid.”

The wind howled and blew a fine dusting of snow into Jakes’s face. He brushed the snow away and squinted at his friend. “I surveyed this area last month, and old Poseidon here, looked just like this, except there were no words carved in the boulder below him. The entire area is off limits because of the frigid temperatures. How could anyone have survived long enough to produce such a carving?”

He pulled out a shiny instrument from his backpack. The Geiger counter emitted a staccato of high-frequency clicking sounds. He motioned the men to back away from the gargantuan hulk.

“This isn’t good. The radiation is the highest I’ve ever seen in this area.”

“Wait a minute… Did you see Poseidon’s head move?” Caleb pointed a gloved hand at the massive head.

“No, I didn’t. Are you nuts? I think you have delusional hypothermia.” Jake pulled out an oxygen mask from his pack. “Take a couple hits off of this.”

Caleb placed the mask over his mouth, inhaling slowly as he kept his eyes riveted on the frozen face of Poseidon. He took a few extra deep breaths, his head clearing.

“Come on, let’s catch our transport back to Athens. It’s about five minutes out.” Jake patted Caleb’s back. “You ready?”

The men took a few steps forward, and Caleb followed. His curiosity finally got the best of him. He stopped. He had to look one more time. He slowly shifted his gaze back to the leviathan crouched on the frozen Tundra.

A trio of ethereal mermaids hovered over the massive creature. He recognized them by they long fishtailed torsos. Mermaids were the minor goddesses of nature, specifically of the sea and oceans. It made sense that the mermaids would continue to care for the god of the ocean, even though he had been misplaced after the polar shift. Besides, everyone knew mermaids loved poetry.

Caleb could never be sure, but the way he told it afterward, was that Poseidon had winked at him. He knew in that instant, Poseidon and the mermaids were real.

The guys in the sanitorium loved this story, and Caleb was always happy to share.

See how easy it is to incorporate poetry into your short stories? Even more interesting is where I got the idea for this story: Athens Greece snow storm 2019. Keep your eyes open! Creativity is everywhere! ❤

44 thoughts on “The Polar Shift #Nonet, & #Speculative Fiction

  1. That was so fun, Colleen. I love the way you incorporated the poem into the story. And the last line got such a laugh. Truth or fiction? Ha ha. Thanks so much for adding to the fun of my prompt. And you gave me an idea for responding to yours too. Happy Writing!

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