Walking with the Stone Spirits

I’m a stone freak! Seriously, ever since I was a child, I loved picking up rocks, pebbles, stones – any rock that caught my attention. I’ve always recognized exceptional magic in stones. They speak to me.

I wish I could capture the sparkling mica in this stone (above) with my camera. I’ve tried numerous times but can’t capture the raw beauty of this rock as seen with the naked eye.

I keep this stone on my desk, where it transfuses my writing notes with its magical essence.

Here’s another stone that I keep on my altar. To me, this stone looks like a crow flying through the air. Once again, there are tiny reflective crystals in this stone that speak to me of the magic from the ancestors. Crow and the skull represent my ancestors, and they have become an integral part of my work.

These stones have become my witch stones, representing natural magic that I connect with on my walks here in Colorado.

Yeah, But What About Your Crystals?

I have an excellent collection of crystals that I keep in a “crystal” dish on my altar. I do meditate, holding one or the other of my crystals. But, I feel a different kind of energy flowing from the crystals, that I don’t feel from the local rocks. I’ve wondered about this difference for some time.

When I stumbled across this article: “The Toxicity of Crystals and Ways to Practice Real Stone Spirit Magick,” on Patheos, it all suddenly made sense.

Maybe I was picking up on the energy from the people who mined these crystals working under deplorable circumstances. That never occurred to me before, and really made me think. Finding a crystal in its natural habitat would, therefore, be a more favorable situation, but not always a likely way to fill out your crystal collection.

Cyndi Brannen, a witch and spiritual teacher, a trained energetic healer, psychic, and herbalist shares:

Learn About Stone Spirit Witchery

“Witchcraft is both an art and science. Geology and mineralogy speak to the scientific side of stone spirit witchery. Learn the basics about the different type of rocks and delve into the crystalline structure if you’re so inclined. Those structures correspond to various sacred geometric shapes which is fascinating. Piezoelectricity refers to the electrical currents found in many stones. The mineral composition of stones can be related to planets and deities. For example, the granite that is ubiquitous where I live is classified as plutonic rock, so named after Pluto himself. There’s a correspondence with associated currents that I can use without spending a penny. There are some great books about crystal magick, including those by Nicholas Pearson.”

“Let the Stones Find You”

“Working with stones that occur naturally where we live is one way of practicing real stone spirit magick. Associated with this approach is just being more in tune with your local natural world. Open up to the possibilities around you. Get yourself outside, set an intention, and call out to the spirits of the land to share their treasures with you. Observation, one of the most important parts of witchcraft, is required. Don’t miss those stones that want to get to know you because you’re not paying attention. Purchasing second-hand stones is a great way to give a spirit a welcoming home. This also works the other way: sometimes stones will disappear on their own. It’s important to contemplate why.”

Patheos: The Toxicity of Crystals and Ways to Practice Real Stone Spirit Magick

Suddenly, my love of stones became clear to me. This energy I picked up on when I held the stones was a gift from the land spirits. It was my connection to the land that I called home. The rocks also acted as an intermediary between me and nature. I love it when the light bulb finally turns on and burns brightly!

My love of rocks and stones is also reflected in my love for my Rune Stones. I would love to create my own set from pebbles I find from my walks. It’s a tall order… but, I’ll give it a try.

I feel like I’ve learned a valuable lesson. Connecting with the land and recognizing that everything contains a spirit is part of my faery craft path. Something tells me that if we keep our eyes open and our hearts pure, the rocks we find along our way will whisper their secrets to us.


  • I too, am a lover of stones – all kinds of stones. And, I’ve picked them up since I was a child. I have quite an abundance of crystals and gemstones scattered throughout my home along with seashells I’ve picked up on the beach. Next to my computer, I have a Picasso Jasper, Mookaite, Silver leaf jasper, Fire Agate and Amazonite. 🙂 Oh yes, and a Himalayan salt lamp. Like I said, I love stones and the energy they share!

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  • Colleen, I too have been drawn to stones since I was a small child. I would pick them up off the ground, off the sidewalk, in the forest, at the ocean, or anywhere where there were stones to pick discover. Some girls collect dolls; I collected stones from the earth. I knew they were magical. Does this mean, we would love stones, are a little bit Celtic?

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    • I just noticed three or four wrong words typed by accident! I must really be tired and my eyes hurt from all the typing I did today.Too bad that we don’t have a way to correct mistakes.

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    • That works for me. I seem to have a connection to all things Celtic too! ❤️

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      • Yes, you do, and that is wonderful. as well as your fairy connection, being close to nature, as fairies are, being and feeling as a kindred spirit. I have always felt that way too. I have several Celtic books. My favorite is Anam Cara – A Book of Celtic Wisdom, by John O’Donohue. I am sure you have that book too. Karen 🙂

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        • Oh… no, actually my path is only a few years old. It’s funny how we all awaken differently. I will look up that book, Karen. You are a wealth of knowledge. ❤ Thanks, much. 😀

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          • Colleen, thank you so much for the lovely compliment. I was wondering how you feel about being aware of spirits, pre-cognition, psychometry, and past lives, among other things, and of course, our elementals that include fairies of the air, earth, fire and water and so many other kinds of elementals too. Here is another book, if you haven’t read this one, The Real World of Fairies, by Dora Van Gelder. Also, Fairycraft, by Morgan Daimler. I feel you might have a connection also to psychometry, because people who love stones feel the energy coming from certain stones (stones with a particular history), because we don’t pick up every stone…just the stones that attract us.


          • Karen, we are definitely kindred spirits!! Yes, I believe in all of the above. I met a swamp fairy elemental when I lived in Florida a few years ago and I would say that set my path in motion. My first book, The Heart Stone Chronicles share my experience through a fictional character. I do have Morgan Daimler’s book, and also the book, Faery Craft by Emily Carding. Both of these authors have been instrumental in teaching me the craft. I haven’t read the Real World of Fairies and will look into that next. I think you are right about the psychometry and the energy I feel from stones. There is something there for sure. I will do more research about this subject. The world of the elementals is for me, another dimension or realm of being. I will have to do a post about the collective (my version of it). I have an interesting connection to birds… all types and have had many interesting experiences with them. The crows and magpies are always near. In the summer it is the smaller birds I feed. I feel energy from their tiny souls too. I could talk to you for hours, Karen. ❤

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          • Colleen, I somehow missed this wonderful comment from you, because I too feel like we are kindred spirits and I like elementals too and I have seen them…different kinds and so truly amazing and most are so friendly, kind, and inquisitive about us humans. I have never been scared of any elemental, they have been here much longer than humans. I am a strong psychometry reader, although, I don’t do it very often anymore. I can read almost anything…or at least I use to. I can often see people the way they were in a pervious century and that just happens naturally to me, no trying involved. I am or I was, very psychic most of my life, especially seeing future events that had nothing to do with me. It just happens on it’s own…a real out of body experience. Of course, I have seen ghosts since I was about 5 years old and still do. They can be very dangerous or wonderful and helpful. Well, I can’t wait until we can talk freely at MeWe.com. Karen 🙂

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          • You have many gifts. I’m mostly empathic feeling everything which reflects in my writing. That too, is a blessing and a curse. LOL! I’m learning how to protect myself and say no… The hardest lesson of all! Friday, I am finished with Facebook. Although, I’m using MeWe primarily now. Hugs sent on the wing to you, Karen. ❤

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          • Hi, Colleen, I have grounded myself, closed that psychic door, mostly. Being empathic is a form of being psychic, you are reading people’s emotions, attitudes, thoughts, and even their mental health. Psychic empathy can drain you, and sometimes you might absorb their negativity, sadness, anger too. Although, it doesn’t sound that way to me, because you are so uplifting to everyone. And yes, I was very empathic too, and that is a hard lesson to learn, it can be so draining and overwhelming too. I learned to protect myself too…but not always. What is wonderful is that those of us who do travel the paranormal highway, will be together in a healthier environment, and we will have good will all around us. I am going to dash over to MeWe.com! Karen 🙂

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          • You are amazing, Karen. 😘❤️


  • Of course we are stone sisters. I’ve always been drawn to stones and rocks and keep a deep dish of them nearby me too. I love your altar with ‘crow’ of course! ❤ xoxo

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  • I’m with you on this one, sis. I have also loved stones since a kid and yes, everything does have a spirit, everything. I too heard about the mining of crystals, why do humans spoil everything through their greed. ❤

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  • I love stones and crystals too. Have quite a collection now. They definitely have a special energy that speaks to me . 🙂

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