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“Green Faeries,” Speculative Fiction Challenge

Hugo swung his legs to the floor and sat up. What a night! The party lasted into the wee hours and by the time he’d stumbled home; he passed out on the couch, never making it into his bed. His head ached, and thirst clogged his throat.

He belched. The stench of alcohol and the pong of a dirty ashtray perfumed the air. He fumbled for his cigarettes, rifling through his pockets, on the hunt for his lighter. He retrieved a pack from his shirt pocket and found it empty. His anger erupted. He balled up the packet and threw it across the room.

“Hey, quit throwing stuff at me!”

“What?” Hugo’s bleary eyes tried to focus, but he couldn’t see straight.

He staggered toward the open window and gasped. Like an old-timey movie reel, grainy images flickered on a silver screen. After his bloodshot eyes cleared, he observed what looked to be his house, precariously perched in the crook of a massive tree. A glaring of cats roamed across the roof, and an elephant stared him in the face.

“Yeah, I’m talking to you.”

With eyes the size of saucers, Hugo shook his head. “Elephants don’t talk,” he wheezed out.

“Well, this one does. I’m your conscious. Wikipedia says:

“Conscience is an aptitude, faculty, intuition or judgment that assists in distinguishing right from wrong. Moral judgment may derive from values or norms. In psychological terms conscience is often described as leading to feelings of remorse when a human commits actions that go against his/her moral values and to feelings of rectitude or integrity when actions conform to such norms.”


“Did you just define my conscious?” Hugo ran his hands nervously through his hair.

“Sure. How many did you have last night? Do you feel any remorse?”

“Too many to count. And, no, I don’t feel any guilt at my having had a good time. Now, leave me alone!”

“I bet you drank “Green Faeries,” again last night,” said the elephant. A grin stretched across his face.

Hugo closed his eyes and swayed in place. Damn absinthe! No wonder I can’t focus.

“Now do you feel guilty?” The elephant extended his long trunk toward the window. He nosed Hugo’s shoulder.

Hugo raised his shaking hand to his damp forehead. His heartbeat raced, and he shivered as if the heat of the day chilled him to the bone.

“What have you done with my house? What’s the deal with the cats?” asked Hugo.

The elephant’s nasal voice dissolved into laughter. “It’s the delirium tremors, my friend. Stick around, we’ve got a big show planned for you.”


This story was created from two sources. One, D. Wallace Peach’s monthly writing challenge, and two; this post from The Dark Netizen. I laughed the entire time I wrote this story. Thanks for the inspiration, you guys! 😀

Don’t drink them!
Learn more about the Green Faery HERE.

About Colleen M. Chesebro

Colleen M. Chesebro is an American Novelist & Poet who loves writing paranormal fantasy and magical realism, cross-genre fiction, syllabic poetry, and creative nonfiction. She loves all things magical which may mean that she could be experiencing her second childhood—or not. That part of her life hasn’t been fully decided yet. A few years ago, a mystical experience led her to renew her passion for writing and storytelling. These days she resides in the fantasy realm of the Faery Writer where she writes the magical poetry and stories that the fairy nymphs whisper to her in her dreams. Colleen won the “Little and Laugh” Flash Fiction Contest sponsored by the Carrot Ranch Literary Community on November 2017, and in 2018, she won first place for the “Twisted Travel” category. Colleen lives in Arizona with her husband. When she is not writing, Colleen enjoys spending time with her husband. She also loves gardening, reading, and crocheting old-fashioned doilies into works of art. Learn more about Colleen on colleenchesebro.com.
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  1. Those Green Faeries..absinthe.. and tequila no doubt…..great story Colleen.. hugs

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  3. Hahaha, green indeed! I think I might be too if I even sniffed absinthe… 🥴
    A good laugh.

  4. Faery well done 😉

  5. LOL loved it! Too much drink makes it hard to think 😉

  6. Loved this, sis. The Green Faery leading people astray again. <3

  7. What a fun story Colleen
    Really enjoyed. 🙂

  8. Hugo better stay away from the Green Faery, lol

  9. Lol! Had a hwarty chickle reading this. The quote from wiki even seemed rightfully placed – great little comedy!

  10. Good one! (K)

  11. Delightful story Colleen! Poor Hugo, waking up to talking elephants. 🙂 That must be some powerful absinthe!

  12. Oooooo, I like this story, despite the memories of my college days that it brings to mind.

  13. This was a funny one, Colleen!

  14. Reblogged this on Myths of the Mirror and commented:
    A last-minute story from Colleen, the fairy whisperer, but well worth the share. I hope you enjoy!

  15. Lol funny and entertaining, well written Sis <3

  16. What fun! Thanks for the smiles Colleen.

  17. Ah, yes… coffee through my nose, does not taste as good as coffee through my mouth. Fun stuff here, Sis! 🙂

  18. Nice plot. A man’s conscience catches up with him in a state of delirium.

  19. This is great fun, Colleen!! Of course now I have Jiminey Cricket singing “Always let your conscience be your guide”, stuck in my head! 🤣

  20. Ha ha! At least the elephant didn’t wear pink.

  21. What a riot, Colleen. I have to try absinthe and see what happens. 🙂 Poor Hugo and his elephant-sized conscience. Seeing an elephant isn’t too bad, but the “big show” is a little intimidating. Thanks so much for taking up the prompt. That was a lot of fun. 🙂

  22. Very funny!

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