Wanda Wayfair is a bit of a late starter.

At almost twenty-one she still hasn’t received her magical powers, and she’s running out of time. But that doesn’t bother Wanda. Much. Not when she can spend all of her time in the human world and pretend that her coven doesn’t exist. But when Wanda takes a job at Berrys’ Bottlers, working with the handsome Will Berry and his unpleasant Aunt Alice, she soon realises that she’s a lot closer to the magical world than she thought.

All over Dublin, humans are murdering witches. When asked why, all they’ll say is, ‘I dunno why I done it.’ But Wanda thinks she does know why they’ve done it – and hopefully she’ll receive her power in time to help her coven discover the truth.

Title: Bottling It, A Wayfair Witches Cozy Mystery, Book 1

Amazon Author Page: A. A. Albright

Publication Date: October 9, 2017

Formats: Paperback & Kindle

Genres: Cozy Mystery, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Werewolves, Shifters, Vampires, Crafts & Hobbies



Meet Wanda Wayfair, a young woman whose heritage stems from a long line of witches. There’s only one problem. It appears, she didn’t inherit the witch gene. Wanda is what you would call an unempowered witch. At this point in her life, she’s given up all hope of ever possessing any witchy abilities. Even Accounting sounds like a decent option.

The story begins as Wanda arrives home in Dublin. Across the street from her house, Wanda notices a body being wheeled into an ambulance. She witnesses a twenty-something-year-old girl shoved into a police car, screaming, “I dunno why I done it!” over and over again. Now her curiosity is peeked… I mean, wouldn’t you wonder what was going on? I sure did!

For whatever reason, witches are being murdered in Dublin. As the mysterious events unfold Wanda’s powers surge into action. She’s had training in the magikal arts but never used magic herself, which forces her back into her family coven where her family gives her a helping hand.

As the novel unfolds, Wanda is forced to live within the world of magic. Everything’s not as it seems and she learns how to maneuver the class system of the magical world. Be prepared for vampires, talking rats, and weredogs!

I love cozy mysteries and when they have the paranormal mixed in they are great fun to read. On top of that, this book contains humorous characters you can’t help but love. The world building created the groundwork for the story. The mystery is simplistic but for me that didn’t detract from my enjoyment. I will definitely read more from this author. This was an enjoyable read, and at $.99 for a Kindle copy you can’t go wrong.


Character Believability: 5
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5 out of 5 Fairies

5 fairies

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About the Author

A.A. Albright lives in the Irish countryside with her husband.

She loves reading in every genre, but writing the Wayfair Witches’ and Riddler’s Edge Cozy Mysteries is just about the most fun she’s had in a decade.

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From the Author:

Books in the Wayfair Witches Series: Book One: Bottling It, Book Two: Bricking It, Book Three: A Trick for a Treat, Book Four: Winging It, Book Five: Wrapping Up, Book Six: Loved Up, Book Seven: Rocking Out, Book Eight: Acting Up, Book Nine: Swotting Up, Book Ten: Forget Me Knot

Wayfair Witches Side Stories: Legally Red Books in the Riddler’s Edge Series: Book One: A Little Bit Witchy, Book Two: Witchy See, Witchy Do, Book Three: Lucky Witches, Book Four: Shiver Me Witches, Book Five: So Very Unfae

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