The dawn chorus and too much time to think.

Jim Webster has tackled an issue with book publishing I’ve thought about for some time. Tell me what you think. I believe it’s a brilliant answer!

14 thoughts on “The dawn chorus and too much time to think.”

  1. Take notes when you move, it could provide you with all sorts of anecdotes and scenarios, especially the things that almost happened by luckily didn’t 🙂

  2. Excellent post.
    I have plans for something similar in my Five Kingdoms world. The great thing is, as I write the epic length novels, there are lots of minor characters demanding their own tales, and lots of gaps between books for the major characters to have other adventures – many of which I have already planned.
    My only problem, as ever, is finding the time to write them all!

      • I know he is – I attended a conference last year (20BooksTo50K) that is put on by a group of authors who write and publish around a book a month(!!) and earn HUGE amounts of money, as their readers (called ‘whale’ readers) gobble up everything they put out. I’m going to another conference by them this summer, specifically targeted at marketing, but some craft workshops too.

        I don’t think I will ever be up to that sort of output, but there is no doubt producing lots of smaller works is a great idea now the ebook allows for publishing at any word count. I have a ton of short stories and novellas I want to write, but I still love my epic length tales too, so I won’t be giving up on those.


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