Synchronicity at it’s Finest!

You know the old saying that when the universe speaks you listen? That is exactly what happened to us during this turmultous move. When the house deal in Albuquerque fell through, we headed to Seal Beach, CA to my husband’s brother’s house to decide what to do next.

Interstate 40 is a long stretch of road that cuts deep into the New Mexico/Arizona desert. Along the way, I had a spiritual encounter. I felt the universe hold me close as if time was suspended and unmoving. Suddenly, I knew that we were meant to live as close to my brother and sister in law as possible. The message was loud and clear… move to the Phoenix area!

So, our journey from Colorado morphed and changed once again. We arrived in Seal Beach and shared our news. My hubsband’s brother and sister in law are getting on in years and we both felt like we needed to be near. They were thrilled to hear that we would be only a few hours away.

An internet search led me to a new housing area in Buckeye, AZ on the western fringes of Phoenix. The location was perfect and accessible to Luke AFB where I still receive my healthcare.

We instantly fell in love with the house and the area. This will be my third time living in Arizona. I’ve always loved the desert but not the heat. Yet, it didn’t bother me this time as it had before. Even better, the builder said they would do everything they could to help us close on the house by May 31st! Everything is on target to get us in our new house.

The road to our new house

Isn’t it amazing when things suddenly fall into place?

I reflected back on that drive down Interstate 40 and how the synchronicity of our decision to move closer to family came about. I still find myself awed at how our unconscious mind can lead us to the right path. And, when you know you’re going in the right direction everything falls into place.

I hope to be back to blogging and writing in the next couple of weeks. Thanks to all of you for checking on me. Your friendship is greatly appreciated. I’ll see you all soon!

Hugs and Love!

112 thoughts on “Synchronicity at it’s Finest!”

  1. Wow Colleen and there’s me thinking you were still happily settled in Colorado. I am so out of touch. I’m recovering from having a replacement knee… that and a ton of other things. It’s life, hey?
    I’m delighted to hear that things are coming together for you and Ron. Good luck with your move and I look forward to the pictures. What social media are you on? I know you don’t do Facebook now.
    Take care and big hugs. Xx

  2. Oh, Colleen, this post gave me delightful shivers! I believe if we can learn to listen, as you did, we will always be pointed in the right direction!! Big hugs!!

  3. I’m sorry to hear that the house move in Albuquerque fell though, Colleen. However, these things happen for a reason. I remember something similar happening to us while living in London in 2012. It was meant to be and, in the end, it worked out for the better. ‘A ‘No’ always leads us onto a road where a far better ‘Yes’ is waiting.

    • So true, Hugh. The house we found is amazing and we will be able to design our garden space the way we want. Ron’s brother has Parkinson’s so this have us so much closer when we’re needed. It’s a good spot to be in. ❤️

  4. Hi Colleen, I’m so happy to hear this wonderful news. When you mentioned that your health situation was partly related to the altitude so you were moving to Albuquerque. Initially I thought Albuquerque is still little high to me because I live close to the ocean level most of my life.

    It’s thrill to hear that when something is meant to be for you, it zipped through, and the builder even guarantee for you to move in by May 31. That’s is just amazing. Congratulations to your wonderful experience!

  5. Wow, synchronicity it is! I am currently going through a (vaguely) similar situation, and after massive amounts of stress, and the ill health that brings, things are starting to align in shockingly perfect detail, as if pre-destined.
    When the dust is settled, I’ll tell you all about it. In the meanwhile, take care – I look forward to both of us resuming normal service!

  6. How wonderful, Colleen. I know this has been a long journey, but how wonderful to find a house you love so much in a location that you love, too!
    This sounds like I’m making it up, but I was seriously thinking about you yesterday. I took a photo of some little flowers, and I thought “those look like fairy flowers” and thought of you! Sending you a hug and lots of good wishes!

  7. Colleen, this is so great to hear. Sorry about Albuquerque, but I adore the Phoenix area, and now I can say I know at least a dozen people who live there now. My brother just moved from San Diego to Las Vegas due to an unexpected job change and he is already feeling content. If we move from Northern California, it will be out of state for sure. Happy housewarming!

    • Thanks, Terri. California is so expensive. Ron’s brother and sister in law live in Leisure World. Gas, food, utilities, etc. are so expensive here. I’m hoping they might follow us to AZ. Physically, I felt amazing there. No aches or pains! 😂 I love the desert. Everything has been blooming and exploding in color. The way this all fell into place… just amazing! Thanks for thinking of me. 😘❤️

  8. This is wonderful news Colleen. I really hope everything goes smoothly for you both now. Mind, the comos and synchronization are marvelous things be well and happy love you 💜💜💜


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