Poetry Challenge Update to Issues

The contact form that WP “allows” us to use on our blogs seems to not be working for most poetry challenge participants. Over half of you are having difficulties.

WordPress posted a message on my blog stating:

Customers can’t reach you at contact@colleenchesebro.com – click here to add a mailbox:

Let customers reach you at contact@colleenchesebro.com. We’ve partnered with Google to offer you email, storage, docs, calendars, and more integrated with your site.


Professional email and so much more.

We’ve partnered with Google to offer you email, storage, docs, calendars, and more integrated with your site.

$6 per user / month

$72 billed yearly

Wow… if I sold $6.00 worth of books a month to afford this I would be happy. However, this is way too rich for my blood. WordPress, this is not the way to keep your customers happy! Why can’t they simply insure that the contact form works?

Yesterday, I lost my saved blocks in the editor and they disappeared from my site. When I contacted WP they said they were still there. Possibly, they reset something, because when I went back into my blog after our chat session ended, the blocks were there.

It has been my experience that many poetry challenges ask the participants to simply email in their entries. So, to make things easier… Let’s do that. I would like to continue to add the poems and links to the recap so that is the only solution I can come up with.

Please Email me at colleenchesebro.com. I will need: Name of the poem, #Type of poem, Your Https:// address of your blog post where you wrote the poem, and your poem.

Thanks for understanding. Next week, I will delete the contact form from the challenge. If you any of you have any ideas to make this process smoother, please let me know.

36 thoughts on “Poetry Challenge Update to Issues

    1. I may just have to upgrade my blog to the business plan to install a plugin to do the job. It just is so frustrating. LOL! All I want to do is share my poet’s work. The cutting and pasting of the recap is around 3 hours to do. I’m still thinking about the issue. ❤


    1. LOL! I’m working on the issue but not finding many options. If I upgrade to the business plan, I can install plugins that will do the job. I’m thinking about it. It’s really difficult to deal with WP anymore. ❤

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    1. I was trying to avoid going to everyone’s blog to gather their information. If they use any decorative or Caps I have to undo all of that through my editor. If I copy and paste from an email it’s so much easier. The only free option is Mister Linky which is nice but only gives a link to the blog post. If I upgrade to the business plan, I can get plugins but once again, the cost outweighs the benefit. ❤

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  1. WordPress can be so irritating. I think they keep making things more difficult, not less.
    Mr. Linky is good if participants really use it to read everyone else as well as post their own work, but most don’t I think. And you want to showcase the words in your post. so frustrating! (K)

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    1. Honestly, where else do we go for blog functionality. The business plan… it costs more but there are tons of free plugins that really make a difference in the functionality of your blog. That is where they are pushing us. My sister in law uses Wix for a business blog. It is difficult to use compared to WP. They know that for sure. I started with Blogger years ago. But even that is limited.

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        1. I’m thinking about upgrading to the business plan. I lose the reblog functionality but it can still be done by copying a portion of my post and copying the URL of my post. I’m considering that. I could set up a contact form that would work and make this all much easier. ❤

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          1. I’m trying to remember a saying I once read about the futility of struggling… but it does seem wrong to go further into the mire… I think we should simplify, not make life even more complicated. Just a thought…

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