Hekate’s Garden, Botanical Magic, and Pharmakeia | Herbalism Hekate: by Cindy Brannen

What an amazing collection of information. If you read one thing today, let it be this article on herbalism, Hekate, botanicals… Soak up the magic! ❤

“Pharmakeia is the ancient practice of plant medicine/magic descended from Hekate’s Ancient Witches. Working with the materia medica helps us break […]”

Source: Hekate’s Garden, Botanical Magic and Pharmakeia | Herbalism Hekate


    1. Oh boy. Thanks, dear Irene for your heads up on this issue. It’s so frustrating. Interestingly, my second book, which I’ve never given away for free has not showed up. Just goes to show how we should never sell our books for free. ❤

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      1. You are welcome Colleen. I searched for my blog name and then your post about your book came up too, why I wanted to inform you, so you also can make a complain. This site copy so many blog posts and not one of the people, as I have communicated with, have been given permission for anything. So it is not only your book, but all our blog posts.

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