As a part of the universe, we all collect energy. Some of these energy debris attach to us through our auras, especially when we encounter people who drain the absolute life out of us. I struggle with this anytime I come into contact with other people. As an empath, I suck up their emotions, to my own detriment. But, there’s a fix for that!

I believe it’s critical for everyone to learn how to protect their aura on a daily basis. If you’re empathetic, you are more susceptible and probably pick up other people’s energy.

Those blues you’re feeling might not belong to you! And all that political negativity, racism, and hatred wears me down! How about you?

What if you’re simply an intuitive person? If so, you’re picking up negative energy on a daily basis also. How do you deal with the energy drain?

First… please remember there are many ways to shield yourself. Research this for yourself and find what works best for you.

How I Shield

In the morning when I wake up, I create my own personal protection bubble or shield. This bubble also helps me to connect to the universe.

Most mornings, I imagine the white light from spirit covering me in a protective cocoon. Inside my bubble everything is reflected outward as if mirrors were attached to my body bouncing the negativity away. This white light is pure and protects me through the day.

Once this bubble is in place, I cast my circle of protection and begin my day. You can read about circle casting HERE.

Image by midnightboheme from Pixabay

How to create your shield

But what if you need more help? When I go outside into the world, I like to go protected. I create an energy shield to protect my bubble.

To keep your shields in place you need an energy source. Most of us subconsciously shield and have probably done it our entire lives without realizing it. But why wear yourself out by siphoning off your own energy. That could be the reason you are so tired!

I’ve been experimenting with shielding and have learned to draw energy from the earth, the air, a water source, spirit, or fire, most often from a candle flame.

First I make sure that I am grounded. I literally imagine my feet sending roots into the ground. I breathe in the warmth of the earth, feeling it fill me from head to toe with earth energy. I breathe in and out for about a minute noticing how my body feels. Sometimes I get a tingly sensation in my hands. When that happens, I know I’ve gathered earth energy.

Next, I center myself by turning to the east, the south, the west, the north, and finishing with a glance above and below. Now I push that energy in all directions at once before quickly drawing it all back into me like it has shrunk into a single point of light. When I feel the pressure build, I release the energy and extend it over my bubble creating a shield.

When I feel like I’m ready to take down my shield, I pull the energy back into that single point of light and push it back down into the earth or whatever element I’m working with.

Other Ways to Shield

Shielding is not difficult to learn. Try it and see if your energy doesn’t improve. Below, I’ve added a few more sites that you can use to research how to do your own shielding. ❤

Evelyn Lim shares a fabulous post called, How to Create a Personal Energy Shield for Protection. I love the Star Wars references.

The Energy Muse Blog uses Crystals of Protection to Create an Energy Shield. I carry Rose Quartz everywhere I go. I’ve found the crystal helps to protect my defenses.

Learn shares Magical Grounding, Centering, and Shielding Techniques.

When you ground, you push excess energy out of your body. When you shield, you envelope yourself with it.

Patti Wigington, Learn

Do you shield? Share your techniques in the comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts. ❤


  1. I recently had a session with a fellow healer who reprimanded me for not shielding myself enough, or as effectively as I could be. His suggestion was to create a bubble of all the colors that exist, similar to a soap bubble, and then step inside of it. That way, he said, all frequencies that may wish to get through could not. Just thought I’d toss it out there as another option, although your approach sounds very effective. 🙂

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        1. I also feel energy from amethyst. I sleep with one by my bed each night. I mediate with a quartz crystal. It helps me tune into the vibrations. Yes, we do need to take care of each other, Irene. ❤ Hugs and love to you, my friend. ❤

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