For my Poetry Challenge Participants ~ Poetry Book Promotions & a Gift!

I have a deep fondness for all forms of poetry, especially syllabic poetry. So, I would like to assist my poetry challenge participants in advertising their poetry books. As authors, I know we all struggle to get reviews. I know I do…

If you have participated in my challenge for at least six months or more, I will create a widget with a link to your Amazon Author Page on my blog where your poetry books can be found. This will help my readers find your books.

If your book is comprised of poetry, or poetry and short stories, you are eligible for this cross-site promotion.

Please understand, this promotion is only for regular participants in my weekly poetry challenge and only for “poetry and/or poetry/short story books.” All other books are not eligible at this time.

I’ve also create a page that shows up on my widget menu where your book images and links to your Amazon Author Page can be located. This listing won’t be alphabetical. I’ve called the page: Poetry Books for Sale.

What I will need:

I need an image of your book (or all of your poetry books in one single image) and the link to your Amazon Author Page. Please email your information to me at

This is an example of my book ad for Fairies, Myths, & Magic ~ A Summer Celebration (I made this ad on the FREE version of Canva using the Twitter header Template)

As poets, we should all be helping other poets promote their poetry books. I love writing and READING poetry… do you?

If so, make your poetry book available to others to read. I can’t solicit reviews because that goes against Amazon policy. However, I can gift books to other folks who enjoy reading short stories and poetry. ❤

So, as a Labor day GIFT ONLY for my poetry challenge participants:

I’m happy to announce that I will gift 5 Kindle copies of Fairies, Myths, & Magic ~ A Summer Celebration to the first five people who are interested in reading my book. Remember, reviews are an author’s best friend. Reply to me by email at

This offer expires on September 3rd, 2019 at midnight, or once the five books have been gifted. I’ll update this post when the 5 books have all been gifted. ❤

Have a safe labor day holiday!


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