My Facebook Experiment

The end of March 2019, (where has the time gone?) I made the momentous decision to leave Facebook. I migrated over to a site called MeWe, which for all sakes and purposes, had the ability to change social media by avoiding all the privacy issues we faced on Facebook.

After seven months, I can report that my experiment was a failure. I lost traffic to my blog and my stats were down. I never realized how much traffic I received from Facebook. Lesson learned!

Even worse, I lost contact with my author community. I felt isolated and alone.

Social media consumes us all and even though I fight it, I realize that I’m not happy without my author community. In addition, I made it too hard for my readers to stay in touch. But, I’ve got a remedy for that!

So, I’m back. It’s that simple. I’ve had to start over with a new profile and page. But you know what? I’ll still keep my MeWe account because who knows? We might need it if the apocalypse comes.

I hope you’ll reconnect with me: Colleen M. Chesebro Facebook Page

Colleen Chesebro on Facebook

Help me find your pages and profiles. ❤

73 thoughts on “My Facebook Experiment

  1. I wondered why you popped back up on Facebook today! Friend request accepted 😀
    I have tried MeWe, but exactly as you say, there’s no interaction, just an endless stream of posts which isn’t what I want from social media.
    Welcome back.

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  2. Oh phooey! I have been too busy (longgggg story) to do either Facebook or try MeWe. I was inclined to try it. If I don’t have time for one, how can I do both? Oh well, maybe next year. LOL. This WAS supposed to be the switch after Google + went away–didn’t happen.

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  3. I’d wondered where you’d gone. I’ve missed you. Then yesterday I saw your friend request and was puzzled. Usually, when someone you’re already friends with asks to be your friend, it’s a scam. So I ignored request. So glad that I saw this post. I’ll go friend you immediately. You are a bright light that went out for a bit but glad you’re back.

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    1. Thanks, Noelle. Nothing is private anymore. Besides, I was busy moving and relocating to Arizona. At the same time, I had health issues and my husband’s brother’s Parkinson’s increased. There was so much going on. At the time, I made the right decision to leave. Now, I’m back and taking it slow. ❤️


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