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Featuring Your New Weekend Countdown to Halloween Read!

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About this Book:

Best-selling Cozy Mystery author Alexandria Clarke brings you the complete collection of the highly rated “Witch Myth Siren Song and Witch Myth” Series. These stories have accumulated over 100+ reviews and have been boxed together for the first time! 

Witch Myth: Siren Song

When bartender Bay Bridges saves a woman from being roofied, she accidentally kills the man responsible. When the dead man is reanimated, Bay gets pulled into a chilling adventure of mystery and murder, but if she digs too deep, she might risk revealing her most treasured secret: she’s a witch. 

Witch Myth: Yew Hollow

Morgan Summers hates talking to ghosts, but when the victim of a ghastly murder asks her for help from beyond the grave, Morgan can’t say no. Soon, Morgan is blamed for the murder, and the town is out for blood. Can Morgan clear her name, discover the real killer, and help her new ghostly friend cross over to the next life? 

This collection contains 6 books:

Witch Myth Siren Song: Book 1

Witch Myth Siren Song Book 2

Witch Myth Siren Song Book 3

Witch Myth : A Yew Hollow Cozy Mystery

Witch Myth Book 1

Witch Myth: A Yew Hollow Cozy Mystery- Book 2

Halloween is right around the corner and what’s better than reading some paranormal fiction?

These books put a spell on me!


The first three-book series, “Witch Myth Siren Song,” introduces us to an interesting protagonist, Bay Bridges, who does everything possible to hide the fact that she is a witch. Considering she’s a bartender, that may not be a bad idea. Far from her coven, she needs to be near humans to control her magic.

Bay possesses an interesting magical ability. With a single kiss, she can suck the soul right out of you! Not a bad skill to have, especially when she finds her boss taking advantage of a defenseless woman.

Bay’s life changes the day she helps a woman out of a bad situation. Before you know it, she’s working together with the magical police to solve a string of bizarre murders.

The last three books begin with “the Witch Myth Series: A Yew Hollow Cozy Mystery,” which deals with a different protagonist named Morgan Summers.

The day Morgan returns home, she witnesses a horrible murder outside of the town hall where her family gathered to attend a meeting. The Summers family was legendary in town, and her ancestors were the founders of Yew Hollow. To make matters worse, every female born into her family’s coven is gifted with special “abilities” which meant she was a witch too.

Morgan’s ability allows her to communicate with the dead. So when the dead girl whose murder she witnessed asks for help, she can’t turn her down. Then in a bizarre twist, Morgan is blamed for the murder!

Remember, these books are cozy mysteries written with a paranormal touch. The protagonists are likable; the villains entertaining, and the reader encounters some fun plots along the way. These books were an easy read and the perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit!


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About the Author

This is the first time I’ve ever not been able to find out anything about the author, Alexandria Clarke. No author bio, no website, no image… nothing!

This author has published a whooping 67 books on Goodreads. Sorry folks. That’s all I can find on this author.


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