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Featuring Your New Weekend Countdown to Halloween Read!

About this Book:

Werecats and Witchcraft, A Pagan Romance

Morgan is a wannabe witch with a fear of cats and a traumatic history that puts her straight into the path of trouble. When a large black cat races into her house to escape a dog attack, she considers it just another example of how bad her luck has become. But this was no ordinary cat. Her life was about to be turned upside down by an ultra sexy beast with a few dark secrets of his own.

Can a secretive werecat shifter protect her from a dangerous stalker? Or will she be forced to rely upon the pagan magic her grandmother so strongly believed in, but which Morgan feels insecure using?

This is the first book in a pagan romance series involving werecat shifters and witches. There are some suggestive situations and shapeshifter nudity, but these stories are safe for most mature teens and young adult readers. 

Celeste Hall’s Kitty Coven Series:

Book #1: The Bare Witch Project
Book #1.5 Something Wicca This Way Comes (A Short Prequel Story)
Book #2 Love Is A Witch
Book #2.5 A Yowling Yuletide (A Short Christmas Story)
Book #3 Cheaper By The Coven

Book #3.5 The Cat In The Hat (A Short Halloween Story)

Halloween is right around the corner. What are you reading?


I enjoy reading cozy paranormal fiction even when it’s not Halloween but at this time of the year, witch lit is devilishly fun!

On the anniversary of her grandmother’s passing, Morgan faces a dilemma when her best friends, Heidi and Rachel show up to ask her to go out drinking with them. Instead, the ever-cautious Morgan stays home to practice the bare witch project.

After her grandmother’s death, the young woman found the altar and ritual tools hidden in the attic. The discovery spurred her on to learn more about her grandmother. Tonight she would complete one of the rituals that she’d found in her grandmother’s Book of Shadows, a personal journal of the older woman’s experiences in the craft.

Heidi and Rachel hesitate to leave their friend alone because of Morgan’s recent break-up with her psychotic boyfriend. As Morgan pushes them out the door, a sleek black cat runs inside, seeking refuge from the pursuit of an angry dog.

Now what? Morgan is afraid of cats. How will she get the interloper out of her house? And, who is this sexy stranger named Leo?

A quick read, “The Bare Witch Project,” kept me engaged in the story. The paranormal aspects of a cat shifting into the form of a man are entertaining, to say the least. There is an unraveling mystery that I suspect will be solved through the series.

This book is listed as FREE on Amazon which is a great way to meet the characters, who are likable and best of all, believable. Enjoy the Autumn Season and jump into this paranormal read!


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About the Author:

Celeste Hall is a passionate writer of paranormal and erotic romance with over twenty-five titles to her credit, including Beware of Wolves, the Kitty Coven series, and her ultra-sexy Seduction series. If you’re looking for a sizzling escape from the pressures of a long day, her alpha hero incubi will make you purr.

Celeste believes that a great book can do more than offer an afternoon’s pleasure; it can change your life. She is absolutely addicted to happy endings. Her favorite stories will often include elements of the paranormal or fantastical, but they will always have a romantic heart. 

When not writing, Celeste enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors. She also enjoys photography, graphic design, a variety of artistic mediums, gardening, horseback riding and geeking out online – especially on Facebook.

You can find a full list of her books by visiting:

Amazon Author Page

How to Connect with the Author:


Twitter: @ACelesteHall


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