Samhain Magic

From Samhain 2018

Fairy Witchcraft honors deities connected to the faeries. This includes the liminal Gods, the Lady of the Greenwood, the Lord of the Wildwood, The Hunter, and the Queen of Wind.

My faery craft authority, Morgan Daimler, explains:

“The Lady of the Greenwood and the Lord of the Wildwood rule during the light half of the year, from Beltane until Samhain, and are also honored on the full moon. The Hunter and the Queen of the Wind rule the dark half of the year, from Samhain until Beltane, and are honored on the dark moon.”

Fairy Witchcraft: Old Ways for a New Day – Morgan Daimler

October 31st begins the dark half of the year. This is when The Hunter and the Queen of the Wind begin their reign. The liminal deities live between our world and what we call “Fairy.”

I will honor their reign by acknowledging their presence in the natural world. I know I felt their magic today. Three Poor Wills appeared in my sacred circle this morning. I did not understand what these birds were and had to look them up to comprehend their meaning.

Three Poor Will’s on October 30, 2019

My husband and I sat entranced watching the birds sleep on the ground. Poor Wills like to hunt by moonlight and are often seen before dawn. This trio took flight as the sun began to rise. What a gift!

Birds come to me in many forms. Lately, the corvids, crows and blackbirds especially, are the main visitors to my desert backyard. With autumn’s chill, the hummingbirds have flown further south into the Mexico.

On the day before Samhain, there is a message here, in the presence of the three Poor Wills sleeping in my sacred circle, even though I don’t know what it means yet.

The number three has always been important in my life journey. The number three signifies good fortune. Each of my children was born with a three in the date, or a number that added up to the number three. In Buddhism, we have the three jewels: Buddha, Dharma, Sangha.

Three signifies the passage of time:

Past, Present, Future

Birth, Life, Death

Beginning, Middle, End

Three is the number of the Divine

Three is the number of Magic

So on this day before Samhain, I will listen for the voices of the Hunter and the Queen of the Wind in my dreams. I’ll look for meaning in the synchronicities and search for omens. On Samhain, I’ll leave an offering to these liminal gods, pray to them, and be open to their blessings and guidance.

Happy Samhain!


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