The Gift of the Goddess

Yesterday, I shared the visit of three Poor Wills who chose my sacred circle as a safe place to sleep. You can read that post HERE.

Today, I’ve experienced the meaning and synchronicity of the number three. For months now, I’ve pondered the significance of following a goddess. I couldn’t choose one, and I’ve read that the goddess will choose you. So, I waited and wondered.

After my encounter yesterday, I spent some time reading. I visited the Witch of Lupine Hollow where I took a test that said I was a warrior witch, based on my astrological sign. Great information but I wasn’t sure how that fit into my path. TAKE the quiz! Click HERE.

For whatever reason, I found myself at a website about Celtic gods and goddesses. This time I couldn’t deny that I was drawn to the Morrigan because of her association with birds, especially crows and ravens. Everyone who knows me knows that birds seem to cross my path frequently.

Known as the “triple” goddess, the Morrigan is the dark moon goddess of battle, fertility, and death. This phantom goddess was a powerful magician and moon goddess. Myths describe her as shape-shifting into a crow or raven who would fly above the warriors in battle.

At the time, I didn’t make the connection between the Morrigan, the crows, and my association as an astrological warrior witch.

My neighbor follows the pagan path and we’ve had some great discussions. We walk her dogs together each morning and today was no exception! I told her about the synchronicity of the three birds on the 30th of October and how I thought the Morrigan had chosen me. She smiled, but remained quiet.

About then, a hawk flew into the trees near to where we were walking. When you see a hawk that close up, it is a wondrous thing. Hawk’s message is to open up your awareness and to look at the whole picture. I would understand this message much later.

Hours later, my friend and I exchanged Samhain gifts. I made chocolate cupcakes and brought her a Halloween candle to add to her collection. She handed me a gift wrapped in tissue paper.

Inside, I found a handmade figure of the Morrigan made by an English witch in the U.K. Her shop on Etsy is called Positively Pagan.

Raven Goddess – The Morrigan by Positively Pagan

Above her head, she holds a crow feather that the artist gathered from the woods near her home this summer. Below the feather, hangs a crescent/waning moon.

It was then the synchronicity of the events of the last couple of days hit me. Tears fell. I now understood that I was to honor the Morrigan. I had been chosen!

This message coming to me on Samhain feels even more significant. I told you the number three was good luck! Never doubt the signs around you. If you look and listen, your path will unfold before you!

Tonight, I will honor my ancestors and the Morrigan on this blessed Samhain.

Prayer to the Morrigan for Blessing

Morrigan, battle Queen,
Give me the gift of relentlessness
That I might turn and turn and return
Let my will be like
An eel, a wolf, a hornless heifer,
An old woman seeking blessing
To turn my enemies' blows to healing
May I be strong in serving my purpose
Sharp as a blade's edge
Wise as the crow who sees
The entire battlefield from above
Bless me, Queen of Phantoms,
With all these qualities
In your name and in your service

©2013 Morgan Daimler
& Blessed BE!


  1. What a wonderful experience. I love crows ever since I lived on a campsite in a tent for about three months. There was a huge tree in which crows lived and I listened to their wisdom every morning and evening. Recently I am visited by jays and birds of prey but I don’t know which. Change is coming I guess. Happy Samhain. 🙋‍♀️🐝

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  2. I am speechless, Colleen. There is no doubt Morrigan wants to work with and through you. I had goosebumps the entire time I read your post. I cannot wait to see what amazing things lie in store for you. It is an amazing experience when the Universe speaks!! Hugs, sweet friend! This is awesome!

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    1. Jan, I was overwhelmed with emotions yesterday! I’ve never been selected for anything in my life. Yet, I felt strangely at ease with the Morrigan. It’s the birds that brought her message. Yes, Spirit guides us in amazing ways. Thanks so much for your support. 🧹🍁🧙🏻‍♀️🍂


  3. Wowwwwwwww, what an amazing day you had! Within 24 hours you asked a question and found out the next day! What an amazing gift from your friend too. Everything comes to us for a reason. You were meant to meet your neighbor too Sis! How amazing to move to a new place and make that amazing connection with your own neighbor! She knows. ❤ xx

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    1. Wasn’t that interesting? She ordered the Morrigan , a couple months ago! Another reader said the three Poor Wills were spirit birds! The connections yesterday were electric buzzing all day. It’s a good feeling to know you’re where you’re supposed to be. ❤️🍂🧹🍁🧙🏻‍♀️

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  4. Colleen, what an amazing experience and wow…you have been blessed with this gift and you have a neighbor who is a pagan. This was surely meant to be. What a wonderful experience for you and for followers to learn that experiences like this do happen and they can be life changing. Sometimes we think that things like this happen randomly, but they don’t. I believe, there is always reason.

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    1. And Karen, the Poor Will birds haven’t been back. I believe they were spirit birds sent by the Morrigan to alert me to something magical. I could not believe the Morrigan had chosen me. Now, I need to learn more about her and how to work through her gifts. Even my husband was amazed by this string of events. ❤


      1. Colleen, wow…it was meant to be and that means you moved there, having a neighbor who is a pagan (fantastic) and what happened was so magical and spiritual too. (None of that was by accident – it was meant to be). It is such a beautiful gift and with Morrigan who chose you. Wow! How wonderful, my very dear friend and sister!

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