Red Bird, #Haiga

It took me a while to come up with my own Haiku using this week’s words: gift and shake for our weekly poetry challenge. Synonyms only, so I used alms for gift, and flits for shake.

Image by oxi_roxy from Pixabay
© 2019 Haiku by Colleen M. Chesebro

I chose this image because it adds to the seasonal nature of my Haiku. Not sure how to create a Haiga? Read HERE.


  • The haiku is the most important part and must stand alone. In short, the poem itself must be worthy to be considered independently, before inclusion in a haiga.
  • Images cannot ‘complete’ the haiku.  If the image is necessary to understand the poem, then both the poem and the haiga have failed.
  • No matter how beautiful an image is, the poem is ‘the thing’ to trigger the reader/viewer in their appreciation of the haiga. If all the image adds is a pretty picture of the poem, but adds no higher level of appreciation to it, then you may as well just publish the poem by itself.


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