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About this Book

How do two modern, quirky, twenty-something gals solve murders in a small, cozy USA town?

Easy. With a little time travel, some humor, and a lot of hard work. When the skeptical Brooke first meets the psychic Abby, she’s not impressed. But with the help of her comfort cat, her middle-aged roomie, her childhood friend, and a hunky detective hinting at a sweet romance, Brooke not only accepts that Abby has real gifts, it’s clear that these five people and one cat make up a crack team. 

Got tea, anyone? In 1773, the Boston Tea Party sure did. Find out why going back in time helps break the case!
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“Tea Anyone?” is a time-travel cozy mystery filled with unique (yet true to life) characters. Pay special attention to the names of the members of the Pride and Joy Gym. I got quite a few laughs out of the author’s creativity. There’s even a bit of romance blooming. And of course, before you know it, there’s a dead body.

Brooke has problems with authority. When she doesn’t pass the police exam, the chief places her in a researching position. Brooke’s new neighbor Abby, is a flower child, a hippie throwback from the 1960s who possesses the ability to time travel. Somehow the two women form a reluctant friendship. With the help of a few friends and Brooke’s cat, Junie, the group assists the police in solving a string of murders that reach back into time.

One of Mallery’s writing gifts is her love for history. Historical details abound, adding to the realistic feel in this mystery. The plot is sound and well thought out, and the characters are the kind of people who could be your neighbors.

The romance developing between Brooke and Tony only makes me want to read more. Where is their relationship going? This is the first book in the series and I can’t wait to see what Brooke and Abby get into next.

As an added bonus, this book is only $.99, the perfect weekend read!


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About the Author

A USA TODAY Best Selling author and two-time READERS’ FAVORITE GOLD MEDAL winner, S. R. Mallery–as her fans say–“brings history to life.” 

They say I’m as eclectic as my characters. I’ve been a singer, a composer, a calligrapher, a quilt artist, and an ESL/Reading teacher. But it is the world of writing historical fiction where I feel I’ve come “home.” It’s where I’ve received various awards and in addition, get to do my second love: Research.

When people talk about the news of the day, or when I listen to music, my overactive imagination likens the story to a similar kind of news in the past, which helps me conjure up scenes between characters I’ve yet to meet. 


Unexpected Gifts: “This is a book to be savored, as there is much information, as well as a captivating story about one family greatly affected by the events of their times. A thought-provoking read indeed!” — Deborah Lloyd for Readers’ Favorite 

Sewing Can Be Dangerous and Other Small Threads
This is a fascinating collection of anecdotes and historical snippets focusing on the timely art of sewing. – Emily-Jane Hills Orford for READER’s FAVORITE

“Mallery is an extremely talented writer. Her style lures the reader; you actually become a part of her tapestry of expression.” — Blogger Melinda Hines, on Tales to Count On.

The Dolan Girls “was so enjoyable. At times rollicking, at times poignant, but always authentic, well researched and a beautifully told story. Highest recommendation. Five stars.” — B. Nelson, Top Amazon reviewer

Genteel Secrets “is a beautiful story which transports the reader in time. True to life historical fiction at its best, it’s so much more than romance.” – Riley, Top Amazon reviewer

Trouble in Glamour Town “is very historically accurate, portraying the real workings of the Hollywood sleaze, dishonesty and corruption happening at that time. S.R. Mallery is a gifted author who drew me into the story from the first word and kept me reading until the very last page… ” – Trudi LoPreto for Readers’ Favorite

Ellie & The War On Powder Creek
“This is one of those rare western romances that are historically accurate. From the way the characters talk to their dress and their way of life, the author has given a very accurate account of how the west was back in the late 1800s. The narrative was reflective of that time; the descriptions took me to the places and the characters and had me experiencing the hardships and tension along with them … 
The author’s writing style is the magic behind this amazing novel. S.R. Mallery did a great job at keeping the story alive, keeping the momentum going and making sure that the reader didn’t lose interest at any point. I loved this book”
—– Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite *****

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  1. I have read a few of the author’s books and loved them. She has a great eye for historical detail, as you say, and she is a great writer. I’m not a big reader of cozy mysteries, but I’ll check it out. Thanks, Colleen!

      1. Colleen, Junebug is actually our cat. So now, every time she does something cute, I’m jotting it down on a piece of paper. Does she know she’s an important character now? Nah. I just think her only concern is whether or not she’s gonna get fed…

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