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Welcome to Fairy Tarot Friday. Each Friday I’ll share a card from the Fairy Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine, featuring an uplifting message from the fey. I’ll also include a bit of syllabic poetry inspired by the card reading.

Once you get to know the fairies, you’ll see they are strong-willed environmentalists. They get perturbed at people who mistrust animals or the earth. Never lie to a fairy. Instead, help them take care of the planet and other living beings. Do your part. Your actions will richly reward you, and the fairies will encourage you in amazing ways.

Today’s Card

From the Major Arcana: #13, The “Release” card

Wisdom From the Fairies

How interesting that the first card I’ve drawn for this new feature on the Sisters of the Fey is the number thirteen, the Release, or death card in other Tarot decks. What a way to start a new adventure!

This card asks us to learn from our past. We should move forward, otherwise we will hold ourselves back from leaving behind that which no longer serves us.

Consider what this release can mean for you as it relates to all aspects of your life: relationships, career, or health. If attachment to your personal history, impedes your progress and joy, it’s time to let go of that portion of your past.

I have a favorite saying, “Onward and Upward.” So, go forth in a new and exciting direction.

Maybe this is the message you’ve been waiting for? Welcome the change! Moving on can be difficult, but this message from the fairies wants you to know your future is magical.

By selecting the release card, I am asking you to move forward and embrace the freedom they have afforded you to change. Look for new opportunities, transformation, and reincarnation.


(Traditional Haiku)

Let go of your past
embrace change and move forward,
your future awaits.

©2020 Colleen M. Chesebro


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