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James Gaynor’s poems are expansive, dark, funny, full of the joy of living. His grim acknowledgments of tragic truths are never brooding, while the more seemingly lighthearted verses are deep and honest and real. We are fortunate indeed that, in Gaynor’s hands, “Everything Becomes a Poem.”



The one thing I like about poetry books is that once read, you can return to them and find something new that speaks to your soul. Such is the case with “Everything Becomes a Poem.”

A couple of years ago, the author gifted me with a copy of this book. I’d read it, and for whatever reason, simply placed it on my bookshelf. After a recent move, I unpacked a box of books, rediscovering this gem. One glance, and I knew the muse demanded I reread the magic contained within its pages. Done!

What I found was how easily Gaynor explored the human condition in every possible form. Poignant and real, the poetry featured the author’s viewpoints and truths. From humor to endurance in the face of loss, he touched on the underlying pain we all experience.

The author’s quick wit and humor make this collection memorable. Even when the poet remained outside of the scene, he observed certain moments more keenly than most. Those observations are what touches our poetic soul.

I discovered many pearls of profound wisdom that seemed to weave through his words. Start reading and you will discover the “New York Evening: Three Haiku,” then work your way to “The Grief of Small Things Breaking,” as you embrace the humor found in “The Museum of Hideous Bridesmaid Dresses.”

Each verse embraces the normalness of life by revealing the beauty hiding in the mundane. Something tells me Gaynor would say, “Such is life and remember, “Everything Becomes a Poem.”

This book would make an excellent gift for anyone searching for more meaning in their life. I know, it helped me open my eyes to the wonder of the gifts hiding in plain view.


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About the Author

James W. Gaynor is a poet, artist, editor, and writer. A graduate of Kenyon College, he has lived in Paris, where he taught a course on Emily Dickinson at the University of Paris, studied the development of the psychological novel in 17th-century France, and worked as a translator.

After returning to New York, Gaynor worked as an editor at Grosset & Dunlap, Cuisine magazine, Scriptwriter News and Forbes Publications, where he was on the editorial staff of the Social Register. His articles, book reviews, and essays have appeared in The New York Observer, and he recently retired as the Global Verbal Identity Leader for Ernst & Young LLP. 
In 2016-17, his essays and poetry were published in OTV (Open Thought Vortex) magazine. 

A silver medalist in the 1994 Gay Games (Racewalking), Gaynor’s found-object sculpture has been exhibited internationally. He is a member of the Advisory Board of The Creative Center at University Settlement in New York City, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing the creative arts to people with cancer and chronic illnesses.

Gaynor lives in New York City with his dog and cat, Emily Dickinson and Gerard Manley Hopkins.

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BLOG: jameswgaynor.com

TWITTER: @jamesgaynor48

FACEBOOK: James Gaynor


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