COLLEEN’S 2020 #BOOK #REVIEWS – “End of Day, Book Two in the Hode’s Hill Series” BY AUTHOR, Mae Clair, @MaeClair1

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About this Book:

Generations of Jillian Cley’s family have been tasked with a strange duty—tending the burial plot of Gabriel Vane, whose body was the first to be interred in the Hode’s Hill cemetery. Jillian faithfully continues the long-standing tradition—until one October night, Vane’s body is stolen from its resting place. Is it a Halloween prank? Or something more sinister?   

As the descendants of those buried in the churchyard begin to experience bizarre “accidents,” Jillian tries to uncover the cause. Deeply empathic, she does not make friends easily, or lightly. But to fend off the terror taking over her town, she must join forces with artist Dante DeLuca, whose sensitivity to the spirit world has been both a blessing and a curse. The two soon realize Jillian’s murky family history is entwined with a tragic legacy tracing back to the founding of Hode’s Hill. To set matters right, an ancient wrong must be avenged…or Jillian, Dante, and everyone in town will forever be at the mercy of a vengeful spirit.


Last week, I shared my review of Book One, “Cusp of Night,” in the Hode’s Hill Series, and I haven’t quit raving about how much I’m enjoying this supernatural thriller series. You can read that review HERE.

I’m excited to share the second book in the series, “End of Day” by Mae Clair. It also is a paranormal suspense novel written with a dual timeline alternating between the year 1799 and the present. And yes… I’m raving about this book, as well!

In 1799, the village of Hode’s Hill and the surrounding community are ravaged by a beast who systematically starts killing off all the livestock.

The situation is so dire that the young Gabriel Vane, a hardworking farmer who has fallen in love with his best friend’s sister, decides that if he is to marry Dinah, he must hunt this creature to make the town safe. He also hopes to increase his chance of marriage with Dinah by undertaking this brave deed. Once Gabriel states his intentions, a few other men accompany him on his quest to hunt down and kill the beast.

Under Mae Clair’s expert guidance, we slip into the present where we reconnect with Jillian, a character from book one, who is an Empath, trying to deal with the intense feelings of everyone she comes across.

To make matters worse, Jillian’s sister, Maddy, witnessed the brutal murder of her husband Boyd. Maddy’s institutionalized as the horror of her ordeal has left her stuck in the memory of that horrible experience. Jillian will do anything to help her sister.

As Gabriel’s story twists into the present, it’s revealed that Jillian and her family have guarded Gabriel’s grave for years. When a pair of grave robbers dig up his remains, they do not understand what they have unleashed upon the people of Hode’s Hill.

Desperate, Jillian turns to the psychic, Dante DeLuca, another character from book one, to help her uncover the horrible secrets of the past.

“End of Day” coaxed me along with breadcrumb facts that deepened my connection to the mystery. The author weaves each character’s narrative into the plot with descriptions so real that I imagined myself standing with a thumping heartbeat in several scenes! It takes skill to write scenes that invoke a sense of foreboding in a reader, and Mae Clair’s gift blares across the page.

“End of Day,” is full of mystery and suspense. It will leave you on the edge of your chair (or bed) reading into the wee hours of the night (I did).

It’s hard for me to say this, because I loved book one, “Cusp of Night,” but this book was as good or better than the first book in the series. This book could stand on its own, but reading the first book gave me an understanding of the characters and the connective tissue of the town of Hode’s Hill that glues all these mysteries together. I’ve already started the third book, called, “Even Tide,” but that discussion is for another day. If you love paranormal fiction, you’ve got to read this series!


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About the Author

A member of the Mystery Writers of America and International Thriller Writers, Mae Clair is also a founding member and contributor to the award-winning writing blog, Story Empire. She has achieved bestseller status on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble, with several of her novels chosen as book club selections. 

Mae writes primarily in the mystery/suspense genre, flavoring her plots with elements of urban legend and folklore. Married to her high school sweetheart, she lives in Pennsylvania and is passionate about cryptozoology, old photographs, a good Maine lobster tail, and cats. 

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75 thoughts on “COLLEEN’S 2020 #BOOK #REVIEWS – “End of Day, Book Two in the Hode’s Hill Series” BY AUTHOR, Mae Clair, @MaeClair1

  1. Sounds to be a spine-chilling read Colleen… Thank you for sharing this book… it sounds to be full of mystery and adventure… 🙂
    Hope all is well in your world right now Colleen…
    Sending Huge hugs your way.. ❤


    1. Thank you for checking out the review, Sue. I really enjoyed writing this series, exploring folklore and playing with the multiple time lines. I couldn’t be happier with Colleen’s review!


  2. I’m with you, Colleen. Cusp of Night was amazing, and I didn’t think I’d like a story more. Then came End of Day. This series is outstanding. So glad to see someone else enjoying it as much as I do.


    1. Thank you, Staci. It’s wonderful having that kind of support and hearing how many people enjoyed these stories. I’m so happy with Colleen’s review and all the great feedback I’ve gotten on Hode’s Hill!


    2. Thanks, Staci. Mae has the gift of storytelling! I know your support and talent has also paid off in this series. Having a community of writers invested in each other’s successes is an obvious vibe in this series. Amazing doesn’t do it justice. ❤️


      1. Mae gets all the credit. She’s an amazing talent. I’m honored to be in her circle. But you’re right; writers invested in each other is a beautiful thing to see.

        And just wait until you read book three!


  3. A great review for a super book, Colleen. I loved this entire series, and I predict the 3rd book is going to blow you way, too! Mae has a way with shivers and chills, but her latest work shows just how versatile she is. She can write humor and farce with the best of ’em, and does so in Searching for McDoogal. When you wrap up the last Hode’s Hill book, Eventide, you might be ready for some laughs, and I heartily recommend McDoogal. 😀 Sharing this! 🙂 ❤


      1. My pleasure, Colleen. Hode’s Hill has been my favorite Mae Clair series of all, so far, but McDoogal is just so much fun! I heartily recommend it. 🙂


    1. Aww, thanks for that, Marcia; In Search of McDoogal was fun to write after coming off the intensity of Hode’s Hill. I’m glad you enjoyed that one as much as my HH series. Thanks for saying so here! 🙂


  4. Colleen, once again you’ve made my day with your wonderful review! I am so honored and thrilled by your words. I am crazy-happy that you’re enjoying this series as much as you’ve been. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with your blog readers. WOWOWOW!!! 🙂


      1. LOL! I am so thrilled to hear you think that. Thank you so much! No classes, but wouldn’t it be great to quit the day job and give it a go, LOL. I am so flattered you think so highly of my work! 🙂


    1. Depending on the length, I read one or more books a week. I’ve read like that since I was a child, Balroop. It’s hard to share my excitement at such a great series. Thanks so much for reading. ❤


  5. What a great review, Colleen:) I know you are enjoying the third book, it really capped off a fantastic series!


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