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Five full-length, quality Medieval Romances from USA Today Bestselling author Kathryn Le Veque, including her bestselling, award-nominated novel BEAST. Over a thousand pages of Medieval Pageantry written by a critically acclaimed author – purchase this limited edition set or read for free in KINDLE UNLIMITED! 

Where Romance and Legend meet among the gently rolling hills of England, romance is born. Powerful men and their legendary brides come together in a limited-edition bundle that is a must-have for your Le Veque library. Delight in the drama and passion of these highly rated Medieval romances, including:

The Legend – A legendary knight lays down his sword because of a terrible accident. Will his unexpected wife heal his heart? (Voted a reader favorite!)

Beast – One of Le Veque’s most highly acclaimed books, the jailer of Joan d’Arc settles back in England after the death of Joan only to discover his relation to her is a deadly curse. Will his wife agree?

Lord of Winter – The mentor to many great Le Veque knights conquers his great challenge in Bowes Castle… and the woman who lives there.

The Iron Knight – A seasoned knight meets an older widow with a daughter… and an unexpected love story blooms. 

**Bonus book: Of Love and Legend – An outlaw known as the Greenhead Ghost meets his match in a lady sheriff.

Pick up your copy of some of Le Veque’s best books to date – it’s knights and their legendary brides from the #1 bestselling Medieval Romance author!

Note: These are previously published novels, bundled into one limited edition collection.

Part of: Nunnery Brides: A Medieval Romance Collection (2 Books)



Periodically, when my TBR pile gets low, I search for FREE books on Amazon. I’ve found some amazing buys, and this is one of them. How I stumbled upon a FREE limited edition collection is beyond me. Do you know Kathryn Le Veque’s writing?

It took me over a month to read the thousand plus pages. To be upfront, there were some quality issues such as typos and a few other technical difficulties reported by readers in this eBook. Amazon affirms, that the publisher has been notified to correct the issues. I’ve downgraded my review to four stars because of the typos. What a shame, because the storytelling hit the spot for me.

Now, before you get freaked out about the typos and such, the writing and storytelling, for the most part, was excellent. Obviously, someone dropped the ball with the editing, which should never be allowed to happen.

Nevertheless, the compilation contained five full-length novels that I could not put down. These are some of the best bodice ripper novels I’ve read in a long time. With that in mind, be prepared for the sex as it is explicit.

I won’t go into detail on each of the novels, because it would be too extensive a review. Instead, I’ll talk about the one novel from the collection I loved best with an Amazon link to the individual book.

An epic story of loss, love, and redemption. On the Seventh Crusade, Sir Alec Summerlin makes a horrible mistake that costs him everything.

Once the greatest swordsman in the realm, Alec lays his weapon down and refuses to ever wield a broadsword again. Surrendering his spurs, he retires to his father’s castle in self-imposed exile. His father, however, has other ideas for his greatest son and betroths him to a local ale heiress. 

The Lady Peyton de Fluornoy is as resistant to marriage as Alec is, but she gradually begins to warm to the man who has given up on life. Alec comes to know a lady of spirit, beauty and intelligence. Before their marriage can happen, however, Alec’s father is blackmailed by a neighbor who wants Peyton for his own son. Now deeply in love, Alec elopes with Peyton and an entirely new world of danger and passion opens up for them both. 

As the conflict with the neighbor heats up, deep and horrific secrets are revealed, and Peyton ends up in grave danger. Alec must recant his vow and draw his sword again to save the woman that he loves as The Legend is once again reborn.

“The Legend,” was my favorite novel in this collection. One thing Le Veque does well is her creation of well-rounded characters. Her portrayal of Sir Alec Summerlin is one I’ll not forget.

Sir Alec is a man, hounded by many demons of his own making, forced to come to grips with his past mistakes. During the Crusades, he accidently kills his older brother. Because of this deed, Sir Alec lays down his sword and refuses to fight again.

Of interest, is Alec’s best friend, Ali, a black man born as a British subject who trained as a knight, but whom the Church refuses to accept as a knight because of the color of his skin. Historically, this situation seemed plausible to me although there is no documented evidence such a thing happened. Besides, Ali’s story makes for superb storytelling.

When Lady Peyton de Fluornoy and her sister show up, the story gracefully unfolds into a tale of love, passion, and renewal. The themes of acceptance and forgiveness take the reader through some heartfelt scenes.

Note the secondary characters whose own stories are as rich and diverse as the principal characters. There are plenty of twists and turns governed by prejudice, deception, weakness, and betrayal. Each scene builds upon the other until you can’t wait to see what happens next.

This novel was the perfect pandemic read. In fact, I enjoyed every book in the entire collection. It was escapism fiction that lifted me out of my own reality for a while.


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About the Author

USA TODAY Bestselling Author
Charter Amazon All-Star Author 
#1 ranked English Medieval Romance Author on Amazon


“Hailed as The Queen of Medieval Romance” – for good reason.” – BookLife

“Le Veque writes… winning epics….” — Publisher’s Weekly

“Vivid world-building, pitch-perfect prose… Kathryn Le Veque has made a fan of me….” — TopShelf Reviews

“Medieval Romance just doesn’t get any better than this….” — Uncaged Book Reviews

“Kathryn Le Veque is a force of nature. Her stories are epic, with timeless themes and heroes to die for.” –Tanya Anne Crosby, New York Times Bestselling Author

“The epic Medieval Romance is back – thanks to Kathryn Le Veque!” — Claire Delacroix, New York Times Bestselling author

“This author… genius…!” — Ind’Tale Magazine 

KATHRYN LE VEQUE is a critically acclaimed 18-time USA TODAY Bestselling author, a charter Amazon All-Star author, and a #1 bestselling, award-winning, multi-published author in Medieval Historical Romance with over 100 published novels. 

Kathryn is a multiple award nominee and winner, including the winner of Uncaged Book Reviews Magazine 2017 and 2018 “Raven Award” for Favorite Medieval Romance. Kathryn is also a multiple RONE nominee (InD’Tale Magazine), holding a record for the number of nominations. In 2018, her novel WARWOLFE was the winner in the Romance category of the Book Excellence Award and in 2019, her novel A WOLFE AMONG DRAGONS won the prestigious RONE award for best pre-16th century romance.

Kathryn is considered one of the top Indie authors in the world with over 2M copies in circulation, and her novels have been translated into several languages. Kathryn recently signed with Sourcebooks Casablanca for a Medieval Fight Club series coming in 2020.

In addition to her own published works, Kathryn is also the President/CEO of Dragonblade Publishing, a boutique publishing house specializing in Historical Romance, and the President/CEO of DragonMedia Publishing, a publishing house that publishes the Pirates of Britannia Connected World series. In July 2018, Kathryn launched yet another publishing house, WolfeBane Publishing, which publishes the World of de Wolfe Pack Connected series (formerly Kindle Worlds).

Kathryn loves to hear from her readers. Please find Kathryn on Facebook at Kathryn Le Veque, Author, or join her on Twitter @kathrynleveque. Sign up for Kathryn’s blog at http://www.kathrynleveque.com.

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BLOG: https://kathrynleveque.com/

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/KathrynLeVeque

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/kathrynlevequenovels


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