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Here’s an interesting article about how the plant kingdom and fairy lore interconnect. The Yeats poem below shows the intersection. Clearly, the natural world and that of the fairy world intersect in magical ways. Finding those connections are the most meaningful. Think of all the poetry we could write. Enjoy the read. ~Colleen~

READ: The Stolen Child, by William Butler Yeats

“Plant lore and fairy lore are often intimately connected. The magical provenance of many plants is due to their folkloric association with the fairy realm. Fairies were thought to make their homes in certain plants and were believed to be responsible for tending to their growth. They have also been said to guide the movement of vining and creeping plants, as well as giving flowers their appropriate colors.  Fairies can be thought of as land spirits, plant spirits, and the embodiment of the Earth’s generative powers. These are dualistic and mercurial creatures. On the one hand, they are responsible for the beauty and life that springs from the ground in which they dwell, but on the other hand, they can be fickle, malicious, and dangerous when it comes to humans…

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Source: Fairy Lore and the Plant Kingdom | Coby Michael Ward

31 thoughts on “Fairy Lore and the Plant Kingdom | Coby Michael Ward”

  1. Thank you Colleen for sharing such an informative post link to the Fairy Lore and Plant Kingdom .. I swear those fairies dance on my picture frames on the wall… I am forever straightening them… 🙂 …

    Wonderful reading about those plants and properties of them etc… Thank you for sharing <3 Much love your way <3

    • It’s all about perception and energy. If your house is old, I’m sure there is energy left over from long ago. You might pick up that energy, I don’t know. I believe in the fey (good and bad) but I also believe in the spirits of the land. I just try to make peace and coexist with all. I literally thought about writing poetry in that sense… picking up energy and connections between things. The plants and fairies make for good inspiration.


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