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Featuring Your New Weekend Count Down to Halloween Read!

Since I didn’t have time to write a new book review this week, I thought it would be nice to re-share one of my favorite reads from 2019! Are you looking for the perfect paranormal Autumn read?

About this Book

On a Caribbean dive vacation, five friends discover a centuries old shipwreck – and a karmic debt past due. 

Wall Eddington has always done the correct thing. It’s part of being British, part of family tradition. Yet somehow someone drowned.

Now, half a world away, he’s diving off an old sailboat with four American friends. As a vacation it’s a bit primitive, but just what his soul craves. 

Until they find a shipwreck. 

Untouched and impossibly preserved, the thing bewitches with promises of gold. Their rush to claim it bogs down with odd accidents and petty arguments – and Wall is not the only one with dark dreams of pain and torture. Dreams of a captain called Sadico. 

In fleeing his personal demon, Wall has run straight to its lair. 

This trap was laid centuries ago, for five souls moved on to new lives and new loves. Set by the one soul they left behind.


When five friends embark on a Caribbean dive vacation, they encounter an evil that will change their lives forever. If you’re looking for a suspenseful read for the Halloween season, make it this book. Intrigued? Let’s meet the characters.

Melanie is a gorgeous, spoiled twenty-something who likes to manipulate men for sexual favors. Her current lover, Wall Eddington, is a cool-headed British diver accompanying her on the trip. Will Melanie ditch him for one of the other men?

Jill, voted the best student in her cousin Jon’s dive class, is determined to conquer her fears. Jon’s dive shop, the Crusty Porthole, boasts the top-rated training in Delaware. Jill’s best friend Mike, the amateur bodybuilder, partnered with Jon years ago. What could possibly go wrong?

It’s during their first Carribean dive that Jill witnesses Mike, actually stroking a moray eel who seems content to rub against his glove. But it is her encounter with a reef shark that sends her over the edge.

A petrified Jill surfaces with Wall and Melanie, leaving Mike and Jon below. When the pair return to the surface they inform the others that the reef below is actually a shipwreck!

The untouched ship beckons to the crew. The five friends dream of riches and gold—treasure!

While preparing for the monumental salvage task before them, Jon asks the girls to make a quick trip into St. John’s to see his friend, Nita at the Center for Spiritual Studies.

Once there, Nita offers a spiritual reading to Jill. Left alone to her own devices, Melanie looks for a book to read. Suddenly, an old woman offers her a book entitled, “Repeating the Past,” adding, “This is the one you’re living.” Pretty creepy if you ask me.

Meanwhile, Jill experiences a past life regression that literally made me shiver as the past and present merge into a terrifying adventure that I could not put down.

I’m not a water person, and deepwater makes me uncomfortable. The vivid descriptions of the dives made me cringe… but I kept reading on, captured by the characters and the strange occurrences that plagued the crew.

Sparks has a flair for the paranormal and those eerie elements propel this story on until the surprising ending. If you don’t believe in reincarnation there’s a good chance you will after reading this book! If not, enjoy the read. Just make sure to keep the lights on!


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About the Author

From television shows to football articles, Jo Sparkes can’t put the pen down. She’s interviewed Emmit Smith and Anquan Boldin (as Arizona Cardinals), taught screenwriting at the Film School at SCC, and went on camera to make “Stepping Above Criticism”.

An award winning writer, she lives happily in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and their dog, Oscar.

Jo Sparks: Amazon Author Page
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