#WQWWC: #1 Light or Lights

I was thrilled to have Marsha Ingrao from “Always Write” take over the Writer’s Quote Wednesday Challenge that so many enjoyed. Have fun and pick a quote to match the week’s topic. Then, write whatever comes to you! ❤

Marsha Ingrao - Always Write


Colleen and Ronovan’sWriter’s Quotes Wednesday Writing Challenge is back! This is your opportunity to choose a quote to match the topic of the week and write something about it.

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  • Poem
  • Opinion Piece
  • Short Story
  • Personal Story
  • Memoir
  • Song
  • Photo Challenge

Flex your creative muscles and tell your readers what you think about the topic of the week using your favorite quote.

Each week I will post a different topic like freedom, chance, change, happiness, adventure, miracle, and unity – some of the many examples of topics from the past.


  1. Pick a quote to match the week’s topic.
  2. Write a response on your blog with a title that suits your post.
  3. Cut and paste #WQWWC logo if you want to use it.
  4. Use #WQWWC hashtag to get more views.
  5. Paste a link to your post on my weekly post in Mr. Linky.
  6. Or past a…

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Author: Colleen M. Chesebro

Colleen M. Chesebro is a Michigan Poet who loves crafting syllabic poetry, flash fiction, and creative fiction and nonfiction. Colleen sponsors a weekly syllabic poetry challenge, called Tanka Tuesday, on wordcraftpoetry.com where participants learn how to write traditional and current forms of haiku, senryu, haiga, tanka, gogyohka, tanka prose, renga, solo-renga, haibun, cinquain, Etheree, nonet, shadorma, Badger’s hexastich, Abhanga, and diatelle poetry. Colleen's syllabic poetry has appeared in the Auroras & Blossoms Poetry Journal, and in “Hedgerow, a journal of small poems,” and in various other online publications. She’s won numerous awards from participating in the Carrot Ranch Rodeo, a yearly 99-word flash fiction contest sponsored by carrotranch.com, an online writing community. Recently, she created the Double Ennead, a 99-syllable poetry form for Carrot Ranch. Colleen has published a collection of poetry, flash fiction, and short stories called, “Fairies, Myths & Magic: A Summer Celebration,” dedicated to the Summer Solstice. She contributed a short story called “The Changeling,” in the “Ghostly Rites Anthology 2020” published by Plaisted Publishing House. Colleen Chesebro’s poetry blog is called Word Craft – Prose & Poetry at https://wordcraftpoetry.com/ Her author blog is found at https://colleenchesebro.com where you will find her poetry and short stories.

11 thoughts on “#WQWWC: #1 Light or Lights”

      1. I did post yesterday. The subject is Anticipation. Here’s the link. https://tchistorygal.net/2020/12/09/writers-quotes-wednesday-writing-challenge-2-anticipation/ I know you are super busy. I haven’t written a post for your Tanka Tuesday, either. I’ve been visiting posts and I finished the list of topics for the year after a back and forth conversation with Frank. I’ve invited several to take on a topic as a guest post. I’d be honored if you want to pick a week to guest post after you get settled into your new home. We can talk more after you get moved. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, me too. This move doesn’t seem so bad, but we are moving a mile up the road and we sold our truck. Most of our things will arrive by moving van. I can’t wait. It will be like Christmas to see everything again. 🙂

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