Marsha Ingrao, from Always Write, has breathed new life into my old challenge, Writer’s Quotes Wednesday Writing Challenge, #WQWWC. This is your opportunity to choose a quote to match the topic of the week and write something about it.

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Flex your creative muscles and tell your readers what you think about the topic of the week using your favorite quote.

Each week I will post a different topic like freedomchance, change, happinessadventure, miracle, and unity – some of the many examples of topics from the past.


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Here’s my quote:

“There is a crack in everything.
That’s how the light gets in.” 

― Leonard Cohen, Selected Poems, 1956-1968

I always enjoy writing about the juxtaposition between the imagery of light and dark. I know our subject is light, but you can’t talk about the light without first experiencing the darkness. Just as night turns to day, darkness succumbs to the light.

Each of us hides our dark side from the world. This isolated part of our hidden self is where our soul-wounds abide, where our sadness lingers, and where our weaknesses hide. If we can learn to embody our shadows, we will learn to embrace the light. If we want to accept change, we need to acknowledge that there are sides of us we must explore in order to conquer our fears.

I think darkness came first, for the dark is perpetual. Pick up a rock and look underneath. You will find the darkness. However, you needed the light to acknowledge that darkness. The two concepts: light and dark need each other in order to exist.

Embrace your darkness and your light!

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Embrace Your Light, #Butterfly #Cinquain

 like the bright stars
 that twinkle in darkness,
 secure, alone in the shadows 
 when we're brave enough to explore 
 our darkness can we find 
 our own power 
 of light.

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