Kerfe Roig selected the words for this week’s Tanka Tuesday challenge: “Mingle and Drift.” I used the word mix for mingle and designed for drift.

The photo below, taken by Merril D. Smith, inspired this double inverted nonet. The clouds in this photo are so expressive. I wish I could paint. The colors and mood fit a gray day!

Image by Merril D. Smith

The Weather Witch

My guiding light was a weather witch.
 She taught me to mix the winds and
 to call down the lightening.
 Yet, I've seen her in rain 
 not utter a spell.
 Her power was
 bound by
 and with the
 that choice designed with
 the use of elements
 held no power over them.
 Her strength lay with separating
 the light from the darkness held within.

©2020 Colleen M. Chesebro

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