April is National Poetry Month | How Will You Celebrate?

April 2021 marks the 25th annual celebration of poets and poetry! Join me and write a poem a day for thirty days!

2021 National Poetry Month Poster

National Poetry Month, a celebration of poetry which takes place each April, was introduced in 1996 and is organized by the Academy of American Poets as a way to increase awareness and appreciation of poetry in the United States. The Academy of American Poets’ website Poets.org serves as a hub for information about local poetry events during the month.


I’m decided to kick off National Poetry Month with a new writing habit. I want to write a poem a day for this month… and continue this habit onward indefinitely.

Make sure to check out the National Poetry Month website on the Academy of American Poets at poets.org

Did you know writing a haiku is a form of mindfulness?

I’ve created a new category called: Poem-A-Day on my menu where we can tract my progress. Maybe you will want to do the same thing. Submit your blog to NaPoWritMo.net.

If you would like to link to this post, share the https:// address of this post in your own post. I will try to visit and comment on all the poetry. ❤

I’ll see you April 1st, 2021!

Join me every Tuesday on wordcraftpoetry.com for the Tanka Tuesday Syllabic Poetry Challenge.

32 thoughts on “April is National Poetry Month | How Will You Celebrate?

    1. Nice! I thought this would be the best time to create a daily poetry writing practice. I’ve submitted my blog to NaPoWriMo, as well. That’s where I got the poem a day idea. I’ll try and visit you each day, Merril. The Ekphrastic challenge sounds marvelous. ❤

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      1. It’s the same one I did a few months ago, but with different artists. The only problem with posting (as with challenges) is that most journals wont’ accept your poems. But you do get a month’s worth of poems to play with. I’ve done NaPoWriMo for a few years. (I didn’t finish it last year.) Sometimes I like the prompts, and sometimes I don’t. 😀

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  1. Oh Wow Colleen… seems like you are FULL of Spring ENERGY my friend as you take up your challenge… Wishing you well dear Colleen.. And all those who take up the challenge as well..
    Sending love and Hugs your way my friend ❤

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  2. I’m still figuring out if I should try to do NaPoWriMo again this year. If I don’t worry about doing every day…I’m betwixt and between still, but I’ll have a computer to work on for the first part of the month anyway. You’ve given me a little push here. (K)

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  3. What a great idea for Poetry Month! I’m not sure I’ll do the MaPoWrtiMo challenge, but I will be writing a poem a day. Thanks, for sharing this Colleen.

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  4. Wow. I’m interested. A poem a day. On any subject, I assume. I’ll find time to read through the fine print so that I’m not the only one winging it. (I always end up in these situations where I find myself out in the bush where no one sees me. Sheesh, I don’t know why that happens). I will try. Thanks for the heads up on this one.
    I’m already spending lots of energy on poetry writing. My last one about spring wasn’t half bad, methinkso. No pressure, but it would be great if you’d drop by to read. Maybe. I know you’re so busy spreading insightful poetry. Thank you. All the best to you. xoxo, selmamartin.com

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  5. I always want to be part of poems in anyway,I don’t only enjoy reading but appreciate the fact that poems make me grow every single day as I read,write and as well comment on them.Thanks, I need to get started with the challenge but need more clues on how to go about it

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