“Day’s End,” #Cinquain Sequence, #NaPoWritMo

day's end...
twilight gathers
the sky in purple folds,
clouds blush in hues of tangerine

star shine
bright points in time
dreams and ambitions call
to those fearless enough to choose—

brilliant orb rules 
the night, darkness descends
mourning dove tenderly murmurs

©2021 Colleen M. Chesebro

This is day 21 of NaPoWritMo… I’m tired and the muse is telling me I need a break. I need a nap!

Photo by Jack Krzysik on Pexels.com

18 thoughts on ““Day’s End,” #Cinquain Sequence, #NaPoWritMo

      1. That’s what I understand. We meet with a cabinet company on Monday. This house is around 17 years old. The owner was a single mom… everything is really worn. We’ll do what we can. We might have to wait.

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      2. The cabinets are in bad shape (thermofoil – like a plastic coating on MDF). Actually, if we could replace them with a similar product, I wouldn’t complain. However, I would add handles and knobs so the coating wouldn’t come off. The countertops are the old laminate and the underlayment is showing through in several places. You should see the bathrooms. Yikes. We have an appointment on Monday with a cabinet maker. The thermofoil cabinets are usually affordable, so we shall see. The wood flooring in the kitchen is in bad shape. The carpet… well it’s rough. It’s all doable in stages. We might have to wait until prices drop.

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