28 thoughts on “Oracle Poetry

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      1. I find yoga breathing helps too, but my allergies have gone haywire the past few years. I finally broke down and went to an allergist. He took some blood to see if he could figure out what the culprit is. We’ll see.

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      2. I’ve read that you can experience allergies at any age. There are so many climate change issues now. It’s making allergies unbearable! I hope they find a way to help you. I is Zyrtec and Flonase. It really helps. 😍❤️

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      3. Zyrtec used to work. I tried a bunch of things to no avail. I had to schedule a pulmonary test too which of course I couldn’t get until the end of July…at least it’s summer which is my least problematic time.

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      4. My pulmonary test is next Tuesday. I totally know what you’re going through. It’s good to have the tests. At least you have a benchmark for moving forward. Allergies are so difficult. I hope you find some relief, soon. ❤️

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