I’ve found an amazing group of poets at Carrot Ranch.com where every third Monday of the month, I host the Double Ennead Challenge as a guest at the Saddle Up Saloon.

Follow the link to the challenge…

What’s a double ennead? The Double Ennead comprises five lines with a syllable count of 6/5/11/6/5, (33 SYLLABLES per stanza) 3 STANZAS EACH = 99 SYLLABLES, NO MORE, NO LESS! Punctuation and rhyme schemes are optional and up to the poet.

This month, I asked the poets to work with a theme for their double ennead poem.

Here are the poems from the May 17th challenge:


Can one block out city
Constant life noises
Does tranquility silent, like sleep exist
When consistent motors
Hum, buzz, and hammer?

Can one channel natures
Soothing waterfalls
Does tranquility silent, like sleep exist
In an environment
Constantly changing?

Hither we did flee to
Quaint suburbia
Does tranquility silent, like sleep exist
Where in the night, birds sing
Lullabies of peace?

© JulesPaige

We cannot understand
why peace is so rare,
so elusive, so enigmatic, so spare,
so lost in the anger,
the soul’s wear and tear.

Within Gaza’s rubble,
the body count swells,
reciprocal death pummels the smoky air,
missiles have no conscience,
a design of war.

Here, we take to the streets,
do placard battle,
espouse our ire, our high-mindedness, our fire.
Next, we grieve endlessly,
then turn the channel.

© Bill Engelson

On life’s chequered board
the dice cast records,
To give what is preordained in game of life,
Fates let loose endless strife,
Turmoil overlords.

Not known what stars foretell
bid dreams a farewell,
You want to ride stormy, tempestuous tides,
Your efforts it derides—
striking a death knell.

Nonchalantly you ride
to drown in rough tide,
Defiant and buoyed, you roll with wild surf,
Light as you shed Life’s scurf,
Laughing as fates shied.

© The Indie She
"Fade to Black"

Enter the arena,
A roar shocks his nerves.
Scattered butterflies soar in formation,
Uniform and aligned,
Prepared for battle.

Cross the cage’s threshold,
The tunnel tightens
Eyes locked on the opponent across the cage;
His teeth clinch the mouth guard;
It won’t be long now.

Released at the bell’s sound,
Both charge the center.
Testing his iron jaw becomes the game plan;
The corner calls for change;
Lights fade into black.

© MMA Storytime

incense of lavender 
pleasing the senses 
assisting relaxation and reflection
guides helped in procuring 
tools of assistance

smoke ascends swirling up 
noisy thoughts are gone 
meditation status finally achieved 
brief calm is discovered 
worries disappear

spirit guides do exist 
to lead and protect 
guardian angels monitor challenges 
point the way to knowledge— 
commune with spirit

© Ruth Klein aka RuthScribbles 
Tall, towering palm tree
Rooted to the ground.
Fronds glistening under the sun soaked blue sky.
A quiet rustle soothes
As soft winds comfort.

Never still in response.
Never without hope.
A continuous melody of calm sway,
A dance with wind and air.
Never ending peace.

A storm brews as rain falls.
Winds blow swift and hard.
The palm is battered and bruised but not broken.
A symbol of courage.
A symbol of strength.

© Missy Lynn from messages

Many thanks to everyone who took part in this challenge. Exploring themes is a great way to craft meaningful messages in your poetry. Happy Saturday!

I’ll be back at the Saloon, on the third Monday of the month, June 21! What are you waiting for? Join in and get your poetry on!