Featuring Your Next Weekend Read!

Featuring Your Next Weekend Read!

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From the Author:

“When I stumbled upon haiku, a Japanese form of poetry, I scoffed it away, thinking it to be too short and easy to write. My hubris got a setback when I was challenged to write it! My earlier efforts show how I struggled with the syllables that could convey a meaningful message. Slowly I discovered this art form, which I revere now. I’ve taken some liberties with the rules, though. The poetry in this collection is not traditional haiku and tanka but inspired by them. This collection focuses on micro-poetry, inspired by haiku, senryu, tanka, and acrostic poems. Brevity and discipline is the hallmark of these poems.”


“Slivers: Chiseled Poetry” is a delightful mix of haiku-inspired poetry that dances to its own tune. Balroop Singh expertly throws the syllable counts out the window and embraces a creative mix of micro and acrostic poetry. The result is the kind of poetry that stirs emotions invoked by rich imagery that touches the hearts of readers.

Singh’s poetry leans into nature, sharing the beauty of the world around her. Through her words, the magic in the world becomes clearer.

I’ll share one of the many favorites from this collection:

look beyond the rocks
to explore what lies in them—
mysterious portals 

© Balroop Singh

Included in the book are photographs with poetry reminiscent of the Japanese haiga. I found the photographic poetry to be deeply personal as the author shared her visual world through poetic art.

I was honored to receive a pre-release copy of this book from the author as a gift, which in no way affected my review. This is the perfect Sunday read!


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